Stats for Darkest Nights Imps

First off, though, it’s 25°C in the shade here. In early May, in Sweden. It’s ridiculous, and I melt in the sunshine  (which is strong enough to kill all the vampires). But enough of that. Today I’m bringing some game statistics for one of the monsters I have written here. I’ll present it in three different systems, just for good measure.

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Codex of Beasts – Classifications

Another short post. Tonight’s session 4 of Darkest Nights… Hopefully. I’ll do the recap later this week. Before that, however, here’s something about how one would classify demons. Although some demons can slip between the ranks of demons, this should be a decent base for describing the power of a demon.

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Codex of Beasts – Demons II

Well, well. Today there will be two more demons for Darkest Nights. These are a little more powerful, or at least resourceful, than the last ones. But first…

What differentiates a demon from a ghost? Not much actually. They are composed of the same thing and behave in similar ways. The key thing, however, are that demons have given up their humanity (or in some cases had none to begin with). They are so to say beyond redemption. It’s not necessarily that they cannot feel, but they are incapable of positive emotions. They are bound for suffering until their soul is destroyed and taken by another.

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Codex of Beasts – Spirits II

It’s time for some more spirits for Darkest Nights. These are still in the lower end of power, at least to begin with. As every ghost they can grow more powerful with time, especially if there’s a source of energy and strong emotions involved.

Today we have two ghosts of different nature. Both can be harmful, but in most cases they are not intentionally so. These can both affect the physical world somewhat, which puts them above the shades, and indeed, like any other spiritual entity, they can feed on them. But enough on that, here they are: the wisp and the poltergeist.

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Codex of Beasts – Demons I

More lore for Darkest Nights. Or rather, filling out the bestiary. This time it’s about some of the lesser forms that demons can take.

Demons are outsiders to the mortal realm, having never been born or lived. Some say that they are souls judged as unfit to even become human, and when compared to some of the evil human scum that exists, one can draw a conclusion about their character. They are a nasty bunch, the lot of them. Scheming, twisted, and delusional. Oftentimes they embody one or more of the cardinal sins, and these have most likely been drawn from the demons rather than the other way around. However, many demons have been driven partially or entirely mad by centuries or even millenia of torment, as they live in a torturous realm. This is called the nether by scholars , and by priests it’s Hell. It is the Abyss.

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Codex of Beasts – Spirits I

This is a lore post about the spectral creatures in my Darkest Nights world. For some, seeing the ghosts of the dead is commonplace, as they have the second sight and can catch a glimpse of the other world. The people who are unable to pass on easily remain, at least as fragments, in the limbo between the two worlds. And frankly, almost everyone leaves a Shade behind when they die. It’s just how people cling to life.

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