Music Dragons [Santicorn 2018]

Thus it was decreed, that I were to spawn dragons of music as an offering to the great Santicorn. And so it came to be, and the dragons sang (in a somewhat uncoordinated manner, who's the choir leader again?). Here you go, Type1Ninja, merry christmas! hope these dragons do well and make up for all the cattle … Continue reading Music Dragons [Santicorn 2018]


Sea Monsters

Some sea creatures are very interesting. I happened upon some youtube clips on sea animals and they are really quite crazy, so I looked up their wikipedia pages. Greenland Shark Adult size can possibly reach 7 meters and 1500 kg. Longest life span of all vertebraes, potentially over 500 years. Meat is toxic unless treated, … Continue reading Sea Monsters


Another part in making animals weird. Serpents are simple creatures. They eat, and then they sleep. Only, they really don't want to sleep, so they eat constantly. Differently from their lizard cousins, they can literally eat until they burst. They cope best in areas of relative scarcity, where they can't eat too much, but have enough … Continue reading Serpents


Here's a monster for ye olde D&D. It looks like a man who was first gene-spliced with a hairless gorilla and then fed steroids his whole life, in doses high enough to kill elephants. It's basically a still living muscle-golem. The head is painfully shrunken, lacking almost any features except for round, -shark-like eyes, and … Continue reading Musclemen


Wolves are intelligent. In fact, they might be more intelligent than some humans. They use this intelligence to hunt, get a good mate, and then contemplate the nature of life and death. A wolf’s power and abilities are based on how many full moons they have seen. This means you can stop a wolf from … Continue reading Wolves