Darkest Nights – Session 12

We had another session today, and I haven’t even finished writing session 11 yet… Really, I’ll just do that right now. So, I’m back now! Good work me. Anyways, we had a proper 6 hour session, which was great. A LOT of things went down, and the apocalypse might just have begun. Yeah, I know.

Darkest Diceless?

As one of my players suggested… Going without dice (!) is an option. There are lots of these kinds systems I suppose, but I have never really played any of them. But still, it’s an interesting idea, and one that bears considering.

Darkest Nights – Session 9

We got a 2-hour session in. That’s pretty short, but even that is appreciated when it’s a month since last time. I enjoyed it, and we got somewhere with the story. This was a day ago now, I didn’t manage to finish the post during Sunday. Things might be slightly misremembered.