Empire of… Dark?

A few days ago, I had a realization. I had been thinking about both the Empire of Gold setting, and my Dark Souls rpg (which I haven’t actually posted on). It may come as a great surprise that I’ve been working on an RPG based on or inspired by Dark Souls, as my blog name in no way implies that I like that series of awesome games. Anyways, as I pondered these systems the line between them started to get blurred in my head. And why not, they could do well together. The more traditional “normal world” pieces of EoG had been boring all along, and the Dark Souls setting had kind of lacked direction. When these got together, I could use all the fun bits from both and have a world where people had a real good reason to “adventure”.  Continue reading

Empire of Gold – Encumbrance and Fatigue

I’ve been pondering easy encumbrance and fatigue recently, mainly for Empire of Gold. Though the basic game system will probably be my go-to generic D&D clone, as one of those might be handy at times. Anyways, I kind of want to keep these rules light, but on the other hand… I kind of like the idea of having different levels of load-out weights. It’s a tough edget o balance on. On one hand you have “what do you mean I can’t carry twelve greatswords and 500 kilos of gold coins in my pocket”, on the other you have something crunchier than a pack of cereals with tens of weight levels and tracking every single gram. I’ll try to make it better than that, hopefully.

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Battle Pilgrim [Class]

This is the class from the eastern archipelago in Empire of Gold. These are the battle-is-our-religion people who go around having their preschool teachers actually being grizzled warriors, and believe that’s it good to go on a small war as a vacation from all that tiring gardening. The other edge of the sword is their belief that every proper warrior should be a students of other arts than that of killing. Music, poetry, or painting, and preferably more than one of those. Also, this system is in an pre-alpha state, so most statistics are kind of guesses that will probably change a lot.

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