Crystal Mountain Disaster (DH2S6)

Well, only half the characters died. Raiders of Crystal Mountain Cyria - adventurer of unknown allegience. KIA. Guff - Cyria's slave. KIA. Uncle Ben - rice farmer turned warrior. Columbus - Ben's friend. KIA. Sherikan - priest of the thousand gods. Ferdinand - Sherikan's disciple, a doctor. Ares - hammer-wielding aspiring god. Chaotic Happenings They fought the HUGE BLAZING MUMMY, and … Continue reading Crystal Mountain Disaster (DH2S6)


Crystal Mountain – Corridors

This... has been laying about for quite some time, but my players just got themselves into crystal mountain so... here it is. (Well that was like several weeks ago now, haha. Exams are rough) There are different kinds of corridors in crystal mountain. Material (1d12) Smooth, indestructible crystal. Absorbs any amount of impact and magic … Continue reading Crystal Mountain – Corridors

Disposable Heroes Enter Crystal Mountain (DH2S5)

This session took place one day after the last one, I'm just slow at writing reports. Characters Cyria, overly academic adventurer. Guf, Cyria's warrior slave. Columbus, adventurer from across the sea. Uncle Ben, Columbus' warrior friend. Sherikan, pugilist-priest. Ferdinand, Sherikan's disciple adventurer. Events They again descended into the depths of the Temple of the Thousand. … Continue reading Disposable Heroes Enter Crystal Mountain (DH2S5)