Well, only half the characters died.

Raiders of Crystal Mountain

  • Cyria – adventurer of unknown allegience. KIA.
  • Guff – Cyria’s slave. KIA.
  • Uncle Ben – rice farmer turned warrior.
  • Columbus – Ben’s friend. KIA.
  • Sherikan – priest of the thousand gods.
  • Ferdinand – Sherikan’s disciple, a doctor.
  • Ares – hammer-wielding aspiring god.

Chaotic Happenings

They fought the HUGE BLAZING MUMMY, and through a combination of bad luck and bad tactics, they got severly battered and Guff died. The highly flammable undead exploded 4 out of 6 rounds, with a 25% chance. Those same explosions finally finished it off.

They went to the next room, which was graved with a huge pentagram ending in 5 doors. Deciding to recklessly probe the magical device (with a copper coin), they released a small shockwave, which through some unlucky rolls killed the woundef Columbus. They decided to GTFO.

There was no other way out apart from over the monkey-flesh-baby pit. They got over with some scratches, apart from Cyria who failed her jump, decided to take the “reroll with double consequences”, crit failed the reroll, and slammed herself into the pit where the monkey’s exploded their d4 damage dice beyond what’s really probable, eventually killing her dead.

They ran away.

Well back in the city, they took a few weeks to rest. New characters were introduced:

  • Ori, Ben’s sister, an Adventurer.
  • The late Guff’s wife, upgraded to an Adventurer.
  • Cyrus, Ares’ warlock disciple.

They mucked around with a serial killing case apparently involving the water creature that helped them out so long ago, and mentally marked it as solved and moved on.

The next morning they followed a bunch of running guardsmen, and came upon a tense standoff. A heavily armed man was demanding his family to be freed, while the guards said “nopenopenope he’s horrifically dangerous”. The party (mostly Ares and a bit of Guff’s wife) managed to negotiate his surrender in return for his daughter’s release. That was pretty cool! Though one wonders what strange things they have got themselves into now…


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