This… has been laying about for quite some time, but my players just got themselves into crystal mountain so… here it is. (Well that was like several weeks ago now, haha. Exams are rough)

There are different kinds of corridors in crystal mountain.

Material (1d12)

  1. Smooth, indestructible crystal. Absorbs any amount of impact and magic without any visible damage.
  2. Porous, crunchy crystal. Strong impacts release clouds of hazardous crystal dust. (Inhalation of sharp particeles are bad for your lungs). Magical?
  3. Hard crystal, breaks into leaf-like blades when smashed. Can be used as improvised weapons (size 1d4: 1-dagger, 2,3-shortsword, 4-longsword).
  4. Crystal (1d3 for type), but spiky/uneven and difficult to navigate.
  5. Just normal crystals. Can be broken with some work, no special effects.
  6. Thin crystalline structures containing something (1d6: 1-blood, 2-poison, 3-icy water, 4-locusts, 5-molten metal, 6-screaming people).
  7. Flesh. Bleeds when damaged, and squirms when walked upon.
  8. Tiled stone or planks. You could potentially pry it off and find something else behind it.
  9. Metal shaped into semi-organic scales (1d6: 1-iron, 2-copper, 3-lead, 4-silver, 5-reroll with 1d4 but oxidized, 6-gold). Might be hard to steal.
  10. Bone, looking like grown-together ribs interlaced with other shapes.
  11. Fire, acid, or other “don’t touch this or get hurt” thing.
  12. Dreams. If you walk into the “walls” you will dissapear into a sub-reality.


Length and Width

A corridor is around 1d6!x4 meters long. Roll 1d6 for width too:

  1. You must squeeze through.
  2. One person wide.
  3. Barely two people wide (but they can’t really walk properly).
  4. Two people can walk side by side.
  5. Three people can fit through.
  6. An elephant could fit through.


The Corridor Leads to…

Roll 1d12.

  1. The corridor turns about 45 degrees left.
  2. The corridor turns about 45 degrees right.
  3. The corridor turns about 90 degrees left.
  4. The corridor turns about 90 degrees right.
  5. A T-intersection (this is the “main” corridor).
  6. A T-intersection (this is one of the connecting corridors).
  7. A Y-intersection (this is the “main” corridor).
  8. A Y-instersection (this is one of the connecting corridors).
  9. A 4-way-intersection
  10. (or higher) A room!

If it collides with a room or another corridor, either there’s a secret door, something going over/under the other, or they are just plain connected.


That’s it for the corridors bit, I think. Rooms next?


2 thoughts on “Crystal Mountain – Corridors

    1. That’s a good question. With crystal mountain essentially being trapped in the hateful dreams of an anti-god, the size of the dungeon is theoretically infinite. But only the crystals (1-5) are natural, while the other materials (6-10) are the remains of things built before the mountain was ripped into the dimension it now resides in. So I think that if you start chopping your way through the walls, you’d eventually find normal crystal. Though with the nightmare logic of that place, who knows.


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