1d12 Random Encounters… in SPAAAACE

This is all because I had an idea for number 1. I felt like it needed to be kept, so I made some more. Merry christmas to the scifi-people, I guess? A cluster of corpses bounce against the ship's windshield. And then more. For a few moments, you are plowing through a sea of frozen bodies, … Continue reading 1d12 Random Encounters… in SPAAAACE


Music Dragons [Santicorn 2018]

Thus it was decreed, that I were to spawn dragons of music as an offering to the great Santicorn. And so it came to be, and the dragons sang (in a somewhat uncoordinated manner, who's the choir leader again?). Here you go, Type1Ninja, merry christmas! hope these dragons do well and make up for all the cattle … Continue reading Music Dragons [Santicorn 2018]