The Uses of Dead Wizards

Warning: this may be vaguely gruesome to people who prefer more “clean”, “heroic”, or just plaing child-friendly games. It isn’t really that extreme, though.

What do you do when you’ve killed a magic beast? Steal its organs of course! They are often either valuable, usable, or in the worst case, food! (probably… hopefully)

But what about a wizard? They can be as magical many a strange beast, if not more. What do you do when you have killed the Black Sorcerer of the Moaning Swamp? Butcher him and sell his organs of course! The Fire Wizard of Burning Destruction would pay a handsome reward for such useful bits of meat.

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Abyssal Emmisaries

You have been defeated. Lying in the dirt, bleeding out, your feelings of hate for your enemies coalesce into a black puddle. Out of the darkness, a being arises. Clad in shadows flowing like silk, a great being with two curling horns and four burning eyes. It stretches out a clawed hand big enough to cover a man’s torso. A deep rumbling begins, felt within your bones rather than heard. DO YOU WISH TO MAKE A CONTRACT?

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Blood Magic (with LotFP class)

This is something I came up with a rather long time ago when I was pondering magic systems. Basically, I’m not too much of a fan of the spell slot system, espescially not in the later editions with their spell bloat. Frankly, I find the 100 page plus spell lists very tedious, especially when there are so damn many attack spells. Stop it with this glorified artillery stuff. Sorry for that rant. Basically I like my magic systems with a lot of utility and multi-function spells if possible, and not too many of them.

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Well I guess I sent my game in… [200 word RPG]

Well, it seems the 200 word rpg contest is back, so I went and wrote down an idea that has been floating about in my brain for a while now. I will perhaps flesh it out some time, because 200 words is quite short.

I’ll just link it here… can’t seem to find anything about posting it anywhere else this year, though I’m pretty sure you were encouraged to post in your own blog last year? I’ll just do that then. It’s all based on a weird dice mechanic. Basically you stack dice in a little tower, and when it falls over shit goes down. I relly should get to playing this with my group some time, it might be fun.

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