Viking Archetypes

So, I’ve thought a bit about what kinds of general character archetypes that I’d want to allow in my viking RPG. This is not a list of classes as such, but more general platystyles that could fit in the viking world. And of course, you don’t have to stick to a single one.

Viking Skills

So, I don’t think I’ve posted anything on the skills for the viking rpg I’m making yet. I’m not yet sure exactly what to do with these yet, but here’s some thoughts.

Viking Dice Rolls

Here’s a short update on the viking RPG I’m making. I’m thinking about conflict resolution mechanics at the moment, and this is one idea of just what to do about it. I want to keep it simple, because the focus is more on deeds than numbers, but I’m still not sure of what to do … More Viking Dice Rolls


I recently read Njáls Saga, which is an icelandic viking saga from the 13th century. I must say, I really liked it. It’s quite different from modern stories, obviously, but still similar in some aspects. I can’t really put a finger on it, but it was very good anyways. I myself got inspired to write something … More Vikings!