Jumping on the 20 Questions Bandwagon

Because it seems fun. So let’s do all four of the 20 question sets I found… This will be freaking long…

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Hyperdense Imperial Ruins

In an age long past, a powerful monarch rose to conquer half the known world. Her children and followers continued this path after her death, brining more and more of the world under Imperial control. They sailed across the seas, and brought their ideals and religion with them. They crushed the old world, devouring their cultures and bringing them into their own. Half a millenia later, every people in the world were either under Imperial control, or utterly destroyed.

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Crystal Mountain Dungeon – Introduction

Through the broken ruins of an old city, a band of adventurers crawl slowly ahead. The ground is cracked and uneven, as if partway through an earthquake. Climbing over the swollen street’s loose tiles, the forward scout returns. There are no people, and no corpses. The whirling dust that had obscured the view like mist has begun to clear, dropping into circular patterns. At the now-visible epicenter, a gigantic form is revealed. Its blood-red and raw facets spread vicious refractions of the too-dull sunlight all across the ancient stones. Crystal mountain. And in its centre burns a malign will of immense power…

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What are Dungeons?

Here’s what I’m thinking of dungeons in my current campaign world. It might be good to put it into words.

  • Dungeons are like tumours growing in a body exposed to toxins and radiation.
  • Dungeons are like the protective patina that forms on copper when it’s exposed to weather.
  • Dungeons are like the swelling around an infected wound.

In this case, the radiation, weather, and infection are all the Other, the strange cthuluuverse that wants to devour the world.

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