A Map For a New Campaign

Well, I'm slogging away at the setup for whatever campaign inevitably comes after my party TPK:s again (or the world ends, there's like 4 world-enders about now). So here's a not completed map (spoilers?!). Yes, "Västerås" is a joke. It's a city in Sweden, but there's a certain fantasy series that has a suspciously similar … Continue reading A Map For a New Campaign


The Possession Campaign

I've though on this before (several times), but after Cavegirl/Emmy Allen told an entertaining story in the OSR discord the other day the idea returned (if in a slightly different form). The core idea is simple: the player characters are ghosts or spirits of some kind, able to possess a body to use as they … Continue reading The Possession Campaign

World Timeline

While pondering dwarves the other day, I decided that I needed a general timeline for my world. So I made one. It's based on the dragon year count, because the dragons would be the ones that remember the furthest past. It's nice to have something to place ancient happenings in. It can make the world … Continue reading World Timeline