Ranting on the Gold Standard / 5e Prices

I've been working a tad more on my huge table of prices and stuff. Then I thought... if the king of France was playing D&D 5e in 1385, how many plate armors could he buy? As it turns out, using the entirety of the kingdom of France's capital (including all taxes etc) for a year one … Continue reading Ranting on the Gold Standard / 5e Prices


“They Broke the Game”

I saw a youtube clip about an "exploit" in D&D 5e, wherein a level 8-isch druid summons a bunch of pixies with a spell, and asks the pixies to Polymorph the entire party to t-rexes. Apparently, it breaks the game... but I just wondered... HOW? Is the game so inflexible that a bunch of low-INT … Continue reading “They Broke the Game”

Slow Posting

I'm back in school since a few weeks now. The year-2 term-1 of computer science is pretty much a constant stream of large assignement, meaning that coupled with me working on my campaign (and the other campaign), my posting rate is not that good. Sorry.

The New Year

Well, would you look at that? It's 2017. I will probably forget that for a few months, writing 2016 when prompted (as usual). That's not the point, however. I just thought I'd write a few things for the new year. First off, I'm going to try making a review, specifically of the Unframed - the … Continue reading The New Year


And suddenly, there's winter. From a decent autumn now there's snow and cold, and very delayed buses. Apart from that, I'm still working on my "in-between" campaign. Here's some random thoughts that might or might not concern it... Winter Depending on where you live, weather can get pretty bad. It makes travel difficult, or even … Continue reading Winter