Some Drawings of People

I felt inspired to draw some of the people my players have encountered in the campaign so far… so I did. These are the ones I ended up finishing.

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Why Do Demons Eat Souls?

Demons, as per here, are terrified of losing their sense of self. They desperately try to make themselves distinct to keep themselves from being sucked into the great maelstrom of anonymous souls in the Abyss. And thus, demons trade in souls. Each soul they absorb brings with it more memories, more emotion, and more personality. Every soul brings them closer to truly separating themselves from the Other and the Abyss. 

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Here’s a monster for ye olde D&D.

It looks like a man who was first gene-spliced with a hairless gorilla and then fed steroids his whole life, in doses high enough to kill elephants. It’s basically a still living muscle-golem. The head is painfully shrunken, lacking almost any features except for round, -shark-like eyes, and a wide mouth filled with teeth like gravestones.

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Abyssal Emmisaries

You have been defeated. Lying in the dirt, bleeding out, your feelings of hate for your enemies coalesce into a black puddle. Out of the darkness, a being arises. Clad in shadows flowing like silk, a great being with two curling horns and four burning eyes. It stretches out a clawed hand big enough to cover a man’s torso. A deep rumbling begins, felt within your bones rather than heard. DO YOU WISH TO MAKE A CONTRACT?

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