Some Drawings

I managed to kick my scanner alive for the first time in a while. Here are some random things I drew. Tried some digital coloring again, it clashes a bit with my messy lines but it might be ok. There's some vague Jojo's influences on the first one. JJBA is great (part 5 anime hype!). … Continue reading Some Drawings


Quick And Dirty Vampire

So, one player got themself vampire-d. I had to write this up so they would know what that entailed. Yay? Might be updated when I realize something was unreasonable. Edit: now also with drawing of creepy vampire

Some Drawings of People

I felt inspired to draw some of the people my players have encountered in the campaign so far... so I did. These are the ones I ended up finishing. Done in some kind of fiber-tib ink pen and some promarkers, which are blendable colored ink pens. Something like that.


Here's a monster for ye olde D&D. It looks like a man who was first gene-spliced with a hairless gorilla and then fed steroids his whole life, in doses high enough to kill elephants. It's basically a still living muscle-golem. The head is painfully shrunken, lacking almost any features except for round, -shark-like eyes, and … Continue reading Musclemen