Some Drawings

I managed to kick my scanner alive for the first time in a while. Here are some random things I drew. Tried some digital coloring again, it clashes a bit with my messy lines but it might be ok. There’s some vague Jojo’s influences on the first one. JJBA is great (part 5 anime hype!). … More Some Drawings


Here’s a monster for ye olde D&D. It looks like a man who was first gene-spliced with a hairless gorilla and then fed steroids his whole life, in doses high enough to kill elephants. It’s basically a still living muscle-golem. The head is painfully shrunken, lacking almost any features except for round, -shark-like eyes, and … More Musclemen

Abyssal Emmisaries

You have been defeated. Lying in the dirt, bleeding out, your feelings of hate for your enemies coalesce into a black puddle. Out of the darkness, a being arises. Clad in shadows flowing like silk, a great being with two curling horns and four burning eyes. It stretches out a clawed hand big enough to … More Abyssal Emmisaries