Crystal Mountain – Corridors

This… has been laying about for quite some time, but my players just got themselves into crystal mountain so… here it is. (Well that was like several weeks ago now, haha. Exams are rough)

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Into the Pit of Sacrifice [OSR-isch adventure for download]

I said that I would make something that could be downloaded before the end of 2017, so I did. And It’s not even the 31st! I’m well on time.

Anyways, here it is, as a PDF:

I even made a verision for those that still use medieval units! (jk)

It’s vaguely written up for LotFP. It escalated a bit though… I started out with me just wanting to write down a little dungeon from my game, and it ended up as a 18-page (A5), 4000 words PDF with illustrations (or at least messy ink sketches) and stuff. Heh. Hope it’s worth something.

Feel free to drop a comment/email/message/whatever if you run it (or just read it/borrowed stuff from it).