Totally Ghoul Alpha Test

I had a little bit of an alpha test for the Tokyo Ghoul fan RPG I’m making. I ran it for my girlfriend who hasn’t (or hadn’t, actually) played in an actual pen-and-paper RP session. It went pretty well, though we didn’t play for all too long. Also, this is just a little note on how it went and whatever small things I noticed, and not a full-blown session recap.

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Totally Ghoul – Tests and Damage

I’ve been working some more on the Tokyo Ghoul RPG I’m making. It’s still not official or anything (not that I expect it to be), but it’s fun. Lately I’ve been thinking about how one should perform attribute checks, and how damage should actually work. I still like my old idea of dividing damage on a toughness score and having that giving the final injury amount. We’ll see how that gets solved.

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Totally Ghoul – Attributes Again

I’ve been thinking of the attributes I mentioned the other day for that Tokyo Ghoul based RPG system (and ultimately campaign). I think I’ve got strength pretty much down about what the levels give for secondary statistics. The other three stats don’t really need such a table but are instead an area that the attribute can be used at. Enough babbling, let’s get going with what I though up since then.

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