The Moment a Soldier Becomes a Fighter

The moment a soldier becomes a fighter, is when battle goes from being a job to being a calling.

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Christy Merrmas, or something

It’s christmas eve today (for an hour yet), which is the the day of christmas which is celebrated here. So happy holidays, for whatever you may or may not celebrate this time of year. I hope everyone’s having a good time.

My girlfriend got me Tower of the Stargazer, which is a LotFP adventure (I also got some fun dice!). It’s quite short, but also interesting. I might review it (kind of, haha). Speaking of review-isch stuff, I got myself Forgive Us a week back, which is another LotFP adventure. Might do something on that as well.

Anyways, holiday happily, and don’t fail your save against Eating Too Much Christmas Food!


I might, just maybe, put out some kind of dungeon or other material before the end of the year, as some kind of delayed christmas gift to anyone who might be interested. We’ll see 😛

Idle Though: HP = Attack Bonus?

I’m using a roll-under mechanic for stat checks at the moment. I’ve gone through a bunch of different stats for attack rolls (they are currently generalised to be just an attribute/skill check). Strength was abandonded for that long ago.

In the current iteration of my stat list, you get HP from and attack with the same stat. So I thought to myself, why not just roll under HP with attack rolls? Melee attacks auto-hit targets that don’t defend anyways, and I think I’ll use the Pendragon way of people with 20+ stats rolling 1d20+[stat over 20] (as opposed rolls are a thing), so having a HP over 20 will work too.

The only problem then is that I might want to extend the death spiral mechanic to all stats and not just attacks…

Max HP based on your highest stat? I’ve got weird ideas now…

How does wizardry feel?

So well… I began this post yesterday (wait, today!) at 1 PM, atfter having spent 20 of the last 40 hours battling a particularly nasty programming exercise with my lab partner.

When trying to analyze what was causing us to fail yet another test, I experienced that weird thinking feeling.

Your brain is seething in your skull, tendrils of thought stretch out in every direction grasping for a clue. As you go through the code in your head rapidly time and again, faster and faster, you try to find the point that’s not working and force it to work. It’s quite a strange feeling.

And then I thought to myself: “is this how wizards would feel?”