How does wizardry feel?

So well… I began this post yesterday (wait, today!) at 1 PM, atfter having spent 20 of the last 40 hours battling a particularly nasty programming exercise with my lab partner.

When trying to analyze what was causing us to fail yet another test, I experienced that weird thinking feeling.

Your brain is seething in your skull, tendrils of thought stretch out in every direction grasping for a clue. As you go through the code in your head rapidly time and again, faster and faster, you try to find the point that’s not working and force it to work. It’s quite a strange feeling.

And then I thought to myself: “is this how wizards would feel?”


Hyperdense Imperial Ruins

In an age long past, a powerful monarch rose to conquer half the known world. Her children and followers continued this path after her death, brining more and more of the world under Imperial control. They sailed across the seas, and brought their ideals and religion with them. They crushed the old world, devouring their cultures and bringing them into their own. Half a millenia later, every people in the world were either under Imperial control, or utterly destroyed.

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