The End of 2018

Another year, another retrospect post. It's been a pretty rough year for me (as for many others). Not because of RPGs obviously. Mostly schoolwork has been very heavy, especially since I never really got to rest up for real since  last year. Being ground down is not a pleasant experience. But well, I'm trying to … Continue reading The End of 2018


Quick And Dirty Vampire

So, one player got themself vampire-d. I had to write this up so they would know what that entailed. Yay? Might be updated when I realize something was unreasonable. Edit: now also with drawing of creepy vampire

Hybrid Babies

I will now try to reconstruct this several months old post from only the header. Yay! Basically, it's about hybrid people (you know half-elves, orc-gnomes, giant-dwarves, etc.). Because weird stuff tends to happen when you mix two different races. You roll once, at the first crossing of the species, based on how similar the two … Continue reading Hybrid Babies

200 Posts

Apparently, I just made 200 posts. What a mistake, as that makes this 200-posts post the 201st post. Ah well. I assume this warrants some kind of 1d200 table? I'm not too big on tables, so probably not. At least I'm ahead of 100 posts per year, which is... good I guess?