Quick And Dirty Vampire

So, one player got themself vampire-d. I had to write this up so they would know what that entailed. Yay?

Might be updated when I realize something was unreasonable.

Edit: now also with drawing of creepy vampire



Osmosis Vampire

One day I had an idea: what if the optimal vampire can suck your blood straight out of your capillaries through your skin. What if you don’t even notice. A bunch of nice people, making casual skin contact and just nibbling on your blood reserves. Just a bit from each person, adding up to enough over a day. Maybe there’s were the vampires went.

200 Posts

Apparently, I just made 200 posts. What a mistake, as that makes this 200-posts post the 201st post. Ah well. I assume this warrants some kind of 1d200 table? I’m not too big on tables, so probably not. At least I’m ahead of 100 posts per year, which is… good I guess?

A Weird Idea for Magic-User Players

When I was about to go to sleep last night I had a strange, and possibly pointless, idea for how one could play out magic memorization on the table…

It went like this: if the player can correctly tell the GM all relevant attributes of the spell (target, range, damage, components) etc. the spell is cast in one round’s time. If they look on their notes, it’s two rounds. If they get something wrong there’s a (chance of a) miscast, where something goes wrong.

I wonder if it could be playable at all…