Localized Undeath

Unconventional uses of old technology  (or in this case, sorcery), can work wonders. A desperate but clever necromancer made up a way to turn just one body part undead. When you are bleeding out from a ruptured stomach, you tend to try and solve it, and this one succeded.

Through the use of twisted energy reversers and the creation of a neutral parasite entity, a ruined or dying body part can be revived as undead. Though reversing energy is core to necromancy, leaving a continous converter inside a living body (other than as an attack) was quite unheard of. Apparently, it worked.

There’s good things with undead body parts (they are pretty damn durable), but you might also get sick, experience massive necrocis, slowly turn into a zombie, or what have you. But at least it’s better than dying. You might even be able to fix it later (get a cleric to ressurect your dead lungs!).


The Four Classic Classes

So after some wiggling around, it seems I still have the old four D&D classes in Disposable Heroes: the Fighter, Magic-user, Cleric, and Thief (though in slightly different forms). I’ve already written somewhat about using them as personality types rather that jobs, which I think works better for some reason… Though that requires a somewhat flexible advancement system for completeness. Here’s the short verision:

  • Fighter (slayer): lives for fighting stuff (but may use excuses for why that is), therefore fights well and solves things through violence.
  • Cleric (zealot): lives for their god(s) and their own role as a the voice of god(s), therefore speaks well and may work miracles.
  • Thief (trickster): lives for the thrill of getting in the way of power and danger, therefore has ways to cheat both people and fate.
  • Mage (sorcerer): lives for learning the Truth and Magic, therefore can use magic like no others.

The Seeker class is probably scrapped. Though it is an interesting concept I’m not sure it fits in or is usable as it is now. It might return again. It’s basically some kind of charisma person (leader, bard, aristocrat) that goes delving to build up a reptutation and presence enough to charisma around. It’s just slightly off.

I’m not sure if it’s ironic or fitting that it went all the way around.

And now I can barely remember why I started this post… It’s been lying around. Might as well post it. I’ll just end it on the point that while the four old classes in theory cover most niches the way they are executed or described are not always perfect.

What are Dungeons?

Here’s what I’m thinking of dungeons in my current campaign world. It might be good to put it into words.

  • Dungeons are like tumours growing in a body exposed to toxins and radiation.
  • Dungeons are like the protective patina that forms on copper when it’s exposed to weather.
  • Dungeons are like the swelling around an infected wound.

In this case, the radiation, weather, and infection are all the Other, the strange cthuluuverse that wants to devour the world.

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