Apocalypse nearing, thanks to things.


  • Lucifer – pyromantic nobleman †
  • Artem – explosive criminal, Lucifer’s heir
  • Ulf the sorcerer – ritual mage
    • Ulf’s loyal follower †
  • Benedictus – spirit using cult leader
    • Firoz – Benedictus’ warrior disciple
      • Bob – Firoz’s follower
  • Omid – former gardener, now very competent fighter
  • Ulv (not Ulf) – builder of vampire army
    • Mozga – Ulv’s vampire apprentice


Lucifer set Ulv to clean up the burst body, and took the Dark Amulet of Doom. He threw money everywhere to get a necromancer to tell him what the amulet did:

“At the full moon, wear it, and it will go as it goes – ill or well.”

Then Lucifer and Ulf wanted to meet the exiled pyromancers, so they went on a trip to the desert. They negotiated a deal, that they would murder all the high leaders of the church in return for the service of two pyromancers. In the meantime, Ulv and Benedictus researched the decaptiated head they had found, and then sewed it onto a body.

At the full moon, Lucifer wore the Dark Amulet of Soul Destroying Absolute Evil and Mind Removal. He went mad (failing both saves horribly). The next morning, Firoz and Ulf struggled to remove the amulet from the babbling Lucifer, to no avail. He returned to his senses the next day (minus 2d4 INT, Resolve, and Courage), and haunted by a mass of souls.

Well back at the house, Benedictus grabbed the glob of hundreds of insane, regretful souls and shoved them into the sewed corpse, after they had pumped loads of healing magic and vampire blood into it. This theft of souls messed up Lucifer greatly, causing possession and chaos. Ulf Banished one of the souls, greatly damaging Lucifer. Oops. Lucifer breathed fire at Ulf in revenge, which burned down the house. Oops.  Escaping the firey house, they realized the sewed corpse had escaped. Oops.

Ulf staggered, with only his follower, towards a doctor. “Drink this questionable substance” said the doctor to Ulf, who could feel a malicious presence staring at him. “Okay,” said Ulf, and chugged it.

With the help of Ulv’s warhounds, the rest managed to track the newly dubbed “Frankenstein” to the vampire crypt. It had drained the 11 vampires there. Ooops. A messy fight started, but one against five is poor odds. Ulv finished the creature with a 80 Strength dropkick to the spine. Crack.

Meanwhile, Lucifer had gone to the church. The THREE EYED DEMON OF APOCALYPSE had offered him a deal. So he walked up to the high priest, and shot himself in the head. His pyromancer death move activated (all fire dice explode): the resulting explosion put both the high priest and Lucifer at -25 HP. Very dead.

By now the party realized that Ulf, who had a massive bounty on his head, was gone. They tracked him down eventually, chasing the wagon of bounty hunters on horseback. Artem did a lot of work with his bombs. Too much. The last bomb broke the front of the wagon, sending it tumbling through the air, and crushing the last few HP out of Ulf. RIP.

The THREE EYED DEMON OF APOCALYPSE offered Ulf a deal. He shouted “YES MASTER!” before the messenger of actual armageddon had time to stop speaking. Ulf’s twisted corpse rose back, and he devoured his servant. He now has to find and break a stone tablet of DOOOOOOOOM.

Bildresultat för all for one
 This is eerily similar to Ulf’s new look. (All For One, from BNHA)

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