Wot. They survived again (or did they?!).


  • Ori the Vampire
    • Bohrn the Giant – formerly Uncle Ben, Ori’s cousin.
  • Firoz’ head – possessed by the soul of Benedictus.
  • Ulv the other vampire
  • Omid the ghostly ghost.


In the aftermath of last session, Firoz head crawled out of Benedicuts’ portal-belly. After a pact with the Doom Demon of Destroying the Planet Right now, he had been returned and the Earth Shattering Apocalypse Demon had reached its full power.

Firoz head found the Hourglass of Time the dead vampires had, and Ulf’s Brain, which could cast spells. Ori and Bohrn returned to the bloody crossroads, as did Omid. When they were talking, the Demon of Destroying the World Right Now appeared, with something to say. Ulf’s Eyeball-covered Brain instantly cast Triangle Black Seal at max power… twice. Because he could cast a simultaneous spell through his familiar, he could do both the “sacrifice yourself to reduce a god to mortality” and “instantly kill a mortal”. Whoops. Doom Demon dead (OR IS IT????? (no)). Bereft of Ulf’s Brain, the party found Ulv that had jumped into the pocket-dimension-sacrifice-hole. He almost died, but didn’t.

They all took Charon’s boat down for two coins. They returned to Heaven 5 to rest. Omid decided to visit the monkey-lion-human-child-thing in Heaven 4. It had been killed and eaten by an Angel. Omid rushed it, and was eventually killed. Whoops. Noting their companion’s absence, the party moved down. Ulv punched a hole in the floor of Heaven 5, eventually breaking through. Ori used vampire Dominate to control the angel. Benedictus-Firoz-head used Spirit Magic to resurrect Omid as a useless flying cloak that couldn’t do anything. Omid’s player also got the angel. They ran away because the World Inbetween collapsed. They found the last two tablet-seals (no. 6 was broken), and the last two Holy Swords. The swords merged into one pure-white blade that cast no shadow.

Now they descended into Crystal Mountain again, but were found by Perfect Clone Ulv. It was twice as good as Ulv at everything. They fought it, and it killed everyone but Ori. Ori eventually finished Clone Ulv off with the Sword of Pure Power (that cuts the earth in half with every strike). She used the hourglass to wind back time… (rolls dice). 3 years. They ended up just outside the binding circle where the Three Eyed Doom Demon was locked (which they hade originally released). Time-paradoxes galore!

They couldn’t decide what to do with it before the session ended. Next time will probably be the last of this campaign, somehow.


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