I said that I would make something that could be downloaded before the end of 2017, so I did. And It’s not even the 31st! I’m well on time.

Anyways, here it is, as a PDF:

I even made a verision for those that still use medieval units! (jk)

It’s vaguely written up for LotFP. It escalated a bit though… I started out with me just wanting to write down a little dungeon from my game, and it ended up as a 18-page (A5), 4000 words PDF with illustrations (or at least messy ink sketches) and stuff. Heh. Hope it’s worth something.

Feel free to drop a comment/email/message/whatever if you run it (or just read it/borrowed stuff from it).


3 thoughts on “Into the Pit of Sacrifice [OSR-isch adventure for download]

  1. I like this! I haven’t run a campaign for several months (blah), but it has been downloaded for possible future use. Shouldn’t be hard to fit in somewhere. Thank you!


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