GURPS Melee Damage pt. 3.5

Well, here’s how I got to what I posted last week (part 3) and some stuff about how I failed to come up with a proper formula and stuff… But first science, that’s always fun. Though this one might not be that interesting, as it’s just some background and stuff. Whee.

GURPS Melee Damage pt. 2.5

So, I’m back again with some more stuff about melee damage in GURPS. Here’s a Comparison list for RAW melee weapons and the theoretical system I’ve come up with. I’m also re-sciencing the damage numbers for the revised system again, so that’ll come too some time. I’m using the ballistic calculator again, because swords are bullets. Totally.

GURPS Melee Damage pt. 2

Back to this, let’s see if we can make something proper now! This idea is still untested and might upset weapon damages for melee weapons… But it’s worth a shot! Basically it’s about replacing weapon damage bonuses (the “+1” part from “Thrust+1” for example) with a percentage number changing your effective striking strength. This might … More GURPS Melee Damage pt. 2

Status Update

I don’t think I’ll be able to write a proper post until after I get home this wednesday. I’m currently on Gran Canaria on a trip with my art school. Maybe I should be happy, but missing someone dear to you makes being away very, very hard. Currently I just want to go home (though … More Status Update

GURPS Melee Damage

I’ve read some fairly interesting blog posts about the strength-based damage in GURPS, about how it’s too high or priced too high, or what have you. The numbers certainly seem high enough, as a regular man can chop through chain mail and what have you. I thought that I (like so many others) could look over … More GURPS Melee Damage

Me and GURPS

Now that I’ve signed up for the GURPSday list it might be time to actually write something about GURPS (well… except for that one thing I did before). I might not make GURPS posts all the time, but I think I’ll manage one once in a while. But before I do something dumb and get … More Me and GURPS