Another session, and it seems the apocalypse is catching up with my players. Maybe. They’ve been down in the Deep World for so long, they don’t even know what date it is in the real world. Maybe it’s been one or two years of apocalypse? Fun.


  • Ulf – ressurected, now faceless, sorcerer. †
    • Bohrn – cousin Ben + giant, also faceless.
    • Ori – cousin, vampire, not very talkative.
  • Ulv – not Ulf. Vampire, with an evil clone.
    • Mozgah – vampire follower †
    • Bob Ben What In Even – vampire follower †
    • Alastor – demon-vampire smith. *†
    • Two warhounds ††
    • An eagle
    • A polar bear †
  • Benedictus – fucked up spider demon monster. †
  • Omid – ghostly glaive user and gunner.


They descended the shaft near the Trap Room in crystal mountain. It went down into a forge, and out to a smithy. They climbed down, and started messing around with the stuff there. Benedicuts ate the spirits in two of the Magical Smithing Hammers, and thus destroyed their invaluable massive bonus to crafting. In came the smith, and Ori got him to reforge the paired swords she had to one sword.

Then they went exploring outside, and found a strange village filled with people that didn’t have souls. That’s weird. They tried to trade, but had nothing to use. There was a lake with Soul Destroying Water, and a drop to the Abyss. Meanwhile, Ulv entered crystal mountain, and chugged Blackwater with all followers until both Mozgah and the bear died brutally, and everyone was totally mutated. Then we went to the forge, peed on it to try putting it out, and then met up with the party.

They attacked the demonic smith, and somehow Ulv made him to a vampire, which became his follower. Ori got her sword (strangely yellow). They started crafting stuff… for weeks. Two sets of armor was finished. Then a Doom Demon ripped crystal mountain in half and attacked. They hacked at its 800 HP hand, and most ran away before it struck. The commanded demon smith Alastor was knocked out and into the depths. Ulv got slammed badly. Omid phased out of existance to dodge. Then it spewed dark mist, reminiscent of the Soul Destroying Water. They ran away.

One floor up, they met the vampires from last time. The Dadpire was fastest, and managed to Dominate Ulf. “STOP THEM!!!” Ulf cast a binding circle, which stopped everyone from passing (as everyone is unnatural now). Only the control Ulf and the vampires remained outside, and Omid flickered out with his Battle Art. He tried to blind-shoot with his Cursed Rifle, but misfired badly and dealt massive damage to the party inside the binding circle. Woops.

All stunned (except Bohrn), the vampires raised their Flame Lances. Bam, 10d6 piercing damage. Bohrn stepped up and face-tanked it all for the party. He diverted the streams of molten steel, reducing most of the damage for the rest of the party. Meanwhile Omid had phased through the wall and killed two vampires. Then the Doom Demon came back, and pounded everyone DEAD. The binding circle’s dome was covered in blood. Omid attacked the Doom Demon until he was forced to flee from the Death Mist. The Doom Demon climbed away, and the binding circle broke. The remaining party started eating blood and looking around. A heavy pounding cracks the roof slightly. “Nice so who drinks what blood?” Another hefty blow sends dust and chunks from above. “Is there anything to loot?” A meter-long chunk falls down through the widening crack. “Oh I know let’s eat Ulf’s mashed corpse!” The roof will shatter right now. “Should we eat it?” OKAY FINE THE HAND STRIKES YOU DOWN FOR HEAVY DAMAGE. “Oh we run.” This killed Benedictus, barely, and the rest ran away. Fun times. They are spread out over three locations, and we ended the session.

8 out of 13 characters and retainers died. More Doom Demon next time, maybe. Will the world end? Probably. Will it end next session? Maybe.


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