Scaling of the Strength Score

Hey, I'm still thinking on the Strength attribute, mostly because I had to consider the maximum lift amount last session. What is the scaling on Strength? Let's take a look at some data... I'm going to use deadlift as the standard here. Really, any measurable strength thing works. According to the power of internet, the … Continue reading Scaling of the Strength Score


Supernatural Magnitude

Here's an idea I had: separate the escalation of raw power from the acquisition of character skill. Personally I much prefer that character advancement can be done along multiple axises, and that the advancement that takes place matches the kind of actions you performed to improve. While exp. for gold is a nice abstraction (and … Continue reading Supernatural Magnitude

Body Types

I feel like it would be interesting to include different body structures into the game in some way. There's a really big difference between a rock climber and a power lifter. They can both be incredibly strong: a good rock climber might be able to lift their entire bodyweight with one arm (or even one … Continue reading Body Types

Fall Damage

Falls are a decently common danger in many adventure locales, but how reasonable are they really compared to reality? Is it the OD&D "a 5-foot fall kills the average man" or the 5e "a 10th (or 5th level if they are angry) level barbarian can fall literally any distance and always be safe ". So... … Continue reading Fall Damage