Tools of a Ritual Mage

So, here’s some info on what ritual mages use in my setting, both lore and stats. They are defenitely the most tool-heavy of all wizardly types.

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The Three Divine Swords

In a now forgotten pantheon, there were three gods of war. They are the religion’s only remnants: three names and three swords. In this war-torn world, even they have followers.

Some devout warrior s have acquired ritual blades: short blunt things, but with a deep significance. Through the invocation of divine power, these swords transform into ones reminiscent of the Three Divine Swords themselves.

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Why Do Demons Eat Souls?

Demons, as per here, are terrified of losing their sense of self. They desperately try to make themselves distinct to keep themselves from being sucked into the great maelstrom of anonymous souls in the Abyss. And thus, demons trade in souls. Each soul they absorb brings with it more memories, more emotion, and more personality. Every soul brings them closer to truly separating themselves from the Other and the Abyss. 

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