World Timeline

While pondering dwarves the other day, I decided that I needed a general timeline for my world. So I made one. It's based on the dragon year count, because the dragons would be the ones that remember the furthest past. It's nice to have something to place ancient happenings in. It can make the world … Continue reading World Timeline


Tools of a Ritual Mage

So, here's some info on what ritual mages use in my setting, both lore and stats. They are defenitely the most tool-heavy of all wizardly types. How Do They Magic? Basically, the orthodox style of ritual mages abuse the powers of dead gods, through prodding their subconcious memories of prayers long gone. Their rites are … Continue reading Tools of a Ritual Mage

Angels and Demons

Beings from another world, spoken of by the religious authorities. Outsiders, truly. Exiles from another world. Beings made from to us foreign materials, caught in this world that’s inherently hostile to them. They've made a place for themselves. A cataclysmic event brought them here, thousands of years ago. The first who ventured from the shards … Continue reading Angels and Demons