The moment a soldier becomes a fighter, is when battle goes from being a job to being a calling.

It’s when they realise that surrender is worse than death.

It’s when they bite back the pain, and stand up in the pool of their own blood.

It’s when they charge the enemy line alone, somehow evading every attack coming their way. 

It’s when they leap on top of the enemy captain’s horse, and impale their own broken ulna into his throat. 

It’s when they turn around, looking at the terrified enemies, spitting a string of blood while they let the limp body fall and grasp the corpse’s sword. 

It’s almost like a wolf eying a pack of dogs.

It’s a Fighter among soldiers. 



So, I just felt like writing this. The warrior-type class is probably my favorite archetype (in concept, at least). Sometimes its a little lacking in mechanics that make them fight cooler though. Also, I have a hard time finding a good name for the class.

Fighter is okay, warrior might be too broad, Slayer is pretty cool, and then I can’t really find any other good options.

I have to rename Thieves/Specialists as well. Clerics are okay as “Zealots” and magicians are “Sorcerers” or something. But yeah…. It feels important to convey the correct meaning.


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