Damage Dice vs. Damage Reduction

Was thinking about damage dice and damage reduction the other day. Beacuse you don't reduce damage below 0 (usually) it ends up being a nonlinear reduction in damage as DR increases. Here's a little table: DR 0 DR 1 DR 2 DR 3 DR 4 1d4 2.5 1.5 0.75 0.25 0 1d6 3.5 2.5 1.67 … Continue reading Damage Dice vs. Damage Reduction


Two Thoughts on Strength

First off: does 3d6 have too high of a standard deviation? 2.958 is just above 28% of the mean (10.5), and that seems to be quite a lot. This points to the standard deviation being around 18% of the mean, and this (grip strength) to being around 20%. That is for healthy adults, mind. Can the … Continue reading Two Thoughts on Strength

Fall Damage

Falls are a decently common danger in many adventure locales, but how reasonable are they really compared to reality? Is it the OD&D "a 5-foot fall kills the average man" or the 5e "a 10th (or 5th level if they are angry) level barbarian can fall literally any distance and always be safe ". So... … Continue reading Fall Damage

Population Distribution Over Character Levels

Here's an interesting thought exercise: what would the distribution of character levels be over an entire population? I think most people can agree that the majority would be low- or unleveled characters. My guess would be that a normal distribution could be applied. My assumptions were the following: the mean level is 0.5, with the same … Continue reading Population Distribution Over Character Levels