Really Weird Dwarves

Simon T. Vesper wrote a post on dwarves... quite a while ago. Wow, okay, this draft has been gathering dust in the metaphorical drawer for some time now. Ah well. Have some short, stout people or something.  Physical Characteristics Height: ~120 cm (4'), or 70% of the height of an adult man Weight: 70 kg, … Continue reading Really Weird Dwarves


A Map For a New Campaign

Well, I'm slogging away at the setup for whatever campaign inevitably comes after my party TPK:s again (or the world ends, there's like 4 world-enders about now). So here's a not completed map (spoilers?!). Yes, "Västerås" is a joke. It's a city in Sweden, but there's a certain fantasy series that has a suspciously similar … Continue reading A Map For a New Campaign

Rip Dad, Too Literally (DH3S13)

That was interesting. Patricide was avoided... by murder. Also, 40 minute character creation break! (My rules are horrible). Cast Benedictus - cult leader wizard from across the sea. Yamamu - Benedictus' follower (MIA). Firoz - Benedictus' follower (later). Lucifer - dragon pyromancer noble. Ulf - Uncle Ben's sorcerer cousin. Ulf's loyal servant - Ulf's loyal … Continue reading Rip Dad, Too Literally (DH3S13)