Weapon Damage Thoughts

Imagine that one person has decided to harm another, and the only thing they have is a hefty sewing neeedle the length of a hand. Now, you might say “that’s a bad weapon, it should deal 1d2 or even 1 damage!”. You might be right. But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be stabbed full force with a 18 cm (7 in) metal spike. Being a straight bit of metal, it’s likely that upon encountering any properly hard object, the needle will slide through the user’s hand, as their grip friction is weaker than the surface’s resistance. So, if you stab someone in the abdomen, that’s a comparatively soft bit and if the needle pierces something important then the stabbed person is in trouble. If you stab someone in the thigh, it likely wouldn’t be fatal (barring infection or ruptured major blood vessels). If you stabbed someone in the forehead… I don’t think it’d go through the skull.

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Reaction Roll Things

Okay, I haven’t posted in a while (I have been rather busy), but here’s some small ramblings on reaction rolls.

Reaction rolls represent first impressions. While first impressions might not influence the relationship between two people forever, it does make for a distinct base for how their interaction is going to play out in the beginning. And since it seems boring to just use charisma for such an important roll…

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Fall Damage

Falls are a decently common danger in many adventure locales, but how reasonable are they really compared to reality? Is it the OD&D “a 5-foot fall kills the average man” or the 5e “a 10th (or 5th level if they are angry) level barbarian can fall literally any distance and always be safe “. So… what’s reasonable here?

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