Let’s Release Satan (DH3S11)

Damn if this was not an amazing session in amount of dumb stuff that happened.

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Ink For the Ink God!

Here’s a drawing. A mean, it’s inktober right? Although, I’m already two days late on the whole “a drawing a day” thing. Also, sorry for the poor quality, I couldn’t be bothered to fire up the scanner at this hour. stand

A potential immage of a Fighter for whenever I finish my rules PDF (if ever)? I seem to love drawing bloodied warriors… I wonder if I’ll have any images at all of any other class.

Potential Class Ability Template

I’m thinking of rewriting/redesigning my classes again, because for some time now I’ve been considering a set of types of core abilities that each class could have. It’s basically four different types of things that would put the class apart from the others. I’m still trying to find a balance between simple/compact and interesting/adaptive. Giving each level 1 character four abilities might seem much, but one is for dying only, and the other three should be reasonably simple.

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Body Types

I feel like it would be interesting to include different body structures into the game in some way. There’s a really big difference between a rock climber and a power lifter. They can both be incredibly strong: a good rock climber might be able to lift their entire bodyweight with one arm (or even one finger), while a world-class weight lifter might deadlift half a ton.  This all comes back to what the Strength attribute actually represents. Is it absolute or relative strength? If it’s absolute, strength 18 might not be optimal for every fighter…

I don’t mean to differentiate between strong and weak with this (that’s the strength score), but between strong and different strong. So what types of body structures could one have?

  • Large: tall and heavy frame. Very high absolute strength, weaker relative strength. Probably poor endurance.
  • Hefty: muscular frame. Explosive strength, tough. Possibly also low endurance.
  • Lithe: compact muscles, very high strength-to-weight ratio. Good agility, decent stamina.
  • Wiry: light and tough frame. Very, very high endurance, limited strength.

I don’t know if there’s any other kind of frames that could be relevant. I’m still considering how (and if) to implement this… The thing is, it feels like a little flat with attributes being plain good vs. bad, while in reality there’s a bunch of things you can be good at. You might use skills to represent that, but then you need a bodybuilding skill or something. Or potentially, a combination of strength, dexterity, and constitution could determine (or be determined by) the body type.

All this thinking on these things makes me consider abandoning traditional 3-18 stats. Or at least the d20 roll under. But what to replace them with..?


In other news, I happened upon a thrash metal band called Alien Weaponry that sings in maori. Pretty cool stuff.