Art/ Maids… Why Maids?

Someone showed off “skater maids” and I was like “wat”. And then I drew this. Behold, the Victorian Vampire-Slaying Battle-Nun Maid… because, why not? It’s kind of rough and sloppy and could have stood another hour or something of work, but it’s still kind of fun.

Art/ One Muscly Boi

Hello. It’s been a while. I’m still not dead, I just haven’t had much bloggable content. I’m doing RPG stuff, and maybe some of it might end up here in the future. In the meantime, have a weird ink sketch of a man that definitely hasn’t abused enough PEDs to make his clothes burst. It’s … More Art/ One Muscly Boi


To produce two posts in a single day, if small ones, after being silent half a year, here are some sketches. Faces, without and with the abuse of image filters: Randomly saw a tokyo ghoul volume cover, so drew a bloody arm-sword dude in like three minutes: Now with garbage digital background because I was … More Drawings

Supercrunchy Strength

I don’t think I have discussed the Strength system of my current system (Dark Herz, which might as well be named Crunchmaster at this point). It’s fairly good, but quite math intensive. Here goes.   The Basics There’s two statistics directly relevant here: Base Strength (rated 1-40, average human 10). This is basically your level of strength … More Supercrunchy Strength