The Burning Wheel Acquired

A few days ago I acquired the book Burning Wheel Gold (as I had intended for some time now but it had been out of print). It may be one of the only games I could see myself running RAW (that is, “rules as written”, for those that didn’t know). It’s a really nice book, some five, six hundred pages bound in hardcover, and it wasn’t too expensive either. It only cost me the swedish equivalent of 29 dollars.

The rules themselves are interesting too. It has a pretty simple dice pool system, and a character creation system involving choosing lifepaths that link together. But the most important bit is probably the Beliefs, Instincts, Traits system, which gives the characters clear goals with clear rewards. And it’s all about the conflict inherent in goals (you need to do something to achieve them). Check it out if you haven’t.

Despite it obviously being a game with stories, it does not feel like a stereotypical “storygame”, but instead crunchy, meaty, and somehow traditional. I quite like it. A full review might be whirled into existence later, but for now take a look at the free stuff if you haven’t already. It might have something to give you.

Classes as Views on Life

Here’s another take on character classes. It came about when I was thinking on the next iteration of Disposable Heroes (some day I’ll publish it, I swear). As I mentioned in the classes as divine law thing, I find it interesting to sometimes, instead of fixing the weird problems in old-school D&D (and other RPGs), to turn them into world building with explanations. Though some systems might be beyond saving (*cough* rapid linear HP *cough*).

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Blood Magic (with LotFP class)

This is something I came up with a rather long time ago when I was pondering magic systems. Basically, I’m not too much of a fan of the spell slot system, espescially not in the later editions with their spell bloat. Frankly, I find the 100 page plus spell lists very tedious, especially when there are so damn many attack spells. Stop it with this glorified artillery stuff. Sorry for that rant. Basically I like my magic systems with a lot of utility and multi-function spells if possible, and not too many of them.

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