1d10 Magical Lanterns

Hi, long time no write. I’m still alive (if depressed), so here’s some magical lanterns.

1Thief’s Lantern: a small black flame casts light only for the one that holds it. Needs no fuel, and reignites the first possible moment if put out by any means.
2Blue Flame Lantern: burns water instead of oil, creating a cold blue flame unaffected by wind and liquids.
3Lightshard: a small white crystal shard of negligeble weight. When touched, will cast a clear warm glow as if by a regular lantern.
4Lightstone: a fist-sized perfect polished sphere of speckled stone, hung from a carved link. Extremely heavy and durable. When touched, will cast a clear warm glow as if by a huge lantern.
5Antilantern: casts shadows instead of light. Otherwise identical to a regular lantern.
6Living Flame Lantern: needs no fuel. Lit and extinguished by command word by the lantern’s Owner. You can throw the flame as a small projectile with a range of about a dozen paces, after which the lantern is extinguished for a full day and night.
7Sun Beetle Helmet: an ornate helmet with a glowing orb within the ornamental beetle’s grasp. Permanently casts light as a regular lantern, but unaffected by weather, water, and wind. There are cursed variants that cause madness.
8Severed Head Lantern: a mummified severed head. When held aloft by the loop knotted from its long hair, the severed head emits light from within. The lantern will turn to look at the closest undead if one is nearby.
9Ghostlight Lantern: a ghost orb caged within a braided silver lantern. Casts a ghostly blue light, which brightly outlines spiritual or invisible creatures.
10Immovable Lantern: a seemingly regular lantern, which keeps itself right-side up through some gyroscopic effect. If you swing the handle to be under the lantern floor, it will be suspended in mid air until knocked down or picked up.

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