Aerial Combat (and also Dunkirk)

So me and the grill-fiend went and saw Dunkirk the day before yesterday. I can’t say it didn’t deserve its good reviews, because it probably did. And the aeroplane combat scenes were just great. In fact, so great, they made me want to write a system for flying planes in your RPG system. Or mostly air combat. With fighter planes.

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Got my hands on the Vornheim book

It’s not thick (barely past 60 pages) but stuffed full of things.

  • It isn’t a traditional adventure in the way of “here’s a villain and a town and a quest go do it”, but more like a toolkit for building a sprawling, crazy city.
  • Several random tables; “I loot the body”, buildings, aristocrats, and many more.
  • There’s interesting, usable, and inspiring (and weird) locations.
  • A bunch of rules on city adventures and other bits of rules to stick in your game.
  • The weirdness that is Vornheim itself, with its religion, architecture and so on.

Thus far, I’m enjoying it, and I can see it being useful at the table.

The Burning Wheel Acquired

A few days ago I acquired the book Burning Wheel Gold (as I had intended for some time now but it had been out of print). It may be one of the only games I could see myself running RAW (that is, “rules as written”, for those that didn’t know). It’s a really nice book, some five, six hundred pages bound in hardcover, and it wasn’t too expensive either. It only cost me the swedish equivalent of 29 dollars.

The rules themselves are interesting too. It has a pretty simple dice pool system, and a character creation system involving choosing lifepaths that link together. But the most important bit is probably the Beliefs, Instincts, Traits system, which gives the characters clear goals with clear rewards. And it’s all about the conflict inherent in goals (you need to do something to achieve them). Check it out if you haven’t.

Despite it obviously being a game with stories, it does not feel like a stereotypical “storygame”, but instead crunchy, meaty, and somehow traditional. I quite like it. A full review might be whirled into existence later, but for now take a look at the free stuff if you haven’t already. It might have something to give you.