Another Year Gone By

And I thought last year was sad for my blog. I’ve made like two actual blog ([1] [2]) posts this year. Last’s year new years post is still on the first page. Soon goblins and skeletons will make this their home, and a bunch of level 1 adventurers will raid my ruined blog in search of copper pieces.

I guess master’s level university studies can be a lot of work. Who knew, right? At least I’m starting my thesis in January, so perhaps things might lighten up…

Well then, what has happened this year, apart from most of us being stuck inside?

Roleplaying Games

I finished up the vaguely Dark Heresy-derived space campaign, and started a new one. My current campaign – a zombie-infested survival horror set in 1980’s Sweden – actually has a bit of material written, but it is an accursed hodgepodge of Swedish and English depending on what I happened to write in at that moment. If I spend some time cleaning that up it could probably be some blog posts or published things. The system turned out pretty well and the setting is pretty fun as well.

I’ve also done various amounts of writing on a bunch of other RPG things, but nothing has really gotten anywhere. I guess the thing we might be most likely to see in 2021 is Disposable Heroes IV.

Sadly I haven’t had time to read a lot of blogs or books either. :/ I’ve just plodded along in my little corner, trying to keep a campaign running. I kinda want to get some new books and get back into reading blogs next year.


Well, I guess I haven’t written that much music this year (though me and my jazz pianist friend have a few funkish songs on the way… slowly), but I’ve listened to a bit of music. I guess it’s music review speedrun time.

Gojira‘s new single was pretty good. Nothing groundbreaking perhaps, but at least the music video was fun. Silverstein‘s new album was decent, but I liked Dead Reflection better. This one was a little more poppy somehow, though it still had some good songs. Redux 2.0 was pretty cool as well. Destiny Potato changed their name and came out with a new album too. I really liked that one. It’s still within that weird djenty indie rock space, but perhaps more refined than the last one. Steven Wilson’s new singles aren’t that bad either, despite mixed reactions.

Some other fun bands I came across this year are Leprous (prog metal), Caligula’s Horse (prog metal), Vintersorg (folk prog black metal (?)), Vale of Pnath (death metal), Thy Catafalque (avant garde metal?), Tigran Hamasayan (technically not a band but a musician – prog fusion jazz??), Dance Gavin Dance (??? prog hardcore??) and… a lot more. Sometimes spotify is actually helpful. I’ve also listened to a lot of random black metal that kind of just showed up in various places (Sylvaine, Skogen, Fyr…). Also shoutout to Den Helige Anden by Vildhjärta for being a really, really cool (djent? thall?) song.

Also, I somehow get surprised on just how good Death is every time I listen to them. I must have listened to Symbolic like twice per day on average during the last two or three weeks of December. That part in Without Judgement that starts at 1:45 is just so delicious.


Eh, I drew a bunch of random shit. Half the posts on this blog in 2020 were random scribblings…

Closing Words

Why is this post so long? Maybe I should just become a music blogger, because my RPG projects are too all over the place to write consistent posts on… I hope I get a little better at posting next year. We could wish for a real post every two months at least? Maybe? (I’m not promising anything.)

2020 has been a weird year. I’ve spent 98% of my time cooped up in my tiny appartment, in front of my computer (mostly for schoolwork, sometimes for entertainment). I’ve probably been lucky in that I’m still studying and not ruined by a global pandemic eating my job. The virus is still a pain.

What can I really say? Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong. Hopefully 2021 will bring easier days.

Happy new year!

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