Supercrunchy Strength

I don’t think I have discussed the Strength system of my current system (Dark Herz, which might as well be named Crunchmaster at this point). It’s fairly good, but quite math intensive. Here goes.   The Basics There’s two statistics directly relevant here: Base Strength (rated 1-40, average human 10). This is basically your level of strength … More Supercrunchy Strength

Dark Herz S9 – Almost But Not Quite Dead

Hello there. It’s been a while. I’ve been really busy these last months. Anyways, finally another session happened. Cast Zoro – assassin swordsman, faster than Usain Bolt. Vlad – psyker: pyrokinesis, telekinesis, precognition. Carlsagan – super sniper. Events The fight with Black Armor Man continued. Carlsagan threw a demo-charge into the mech, but was shot in … More Dark Herz S9 – Almost But Not Quite Dead

Dark Herz S8 – Keep Fighting Spike

Still ridiculously busy with school. Short play reports only. Cast Zoro (Vash’s replacement) – stupidly agile sword-assassin. Vlad – psyker with a bunch of disciplines. Carlsagan – sniper assassin with a damn machine gun. Hamilton – actual tank of a man. Violently mutated. Events Hamilton was brought back from death’s door with the use of … More Dark Herz S8 – Keep Fighting Spike

Dark Herz S7 – Let’s Fight Spike

That’s another session, and I’m super slow at writing these things. Busy in school mostly. And spending too much time on making an armor list with like 25 different materials… Cast Vash – psyker: precognition, telekinesis, biomancy. Vlad – psyker: precognition, telekinesis, pyrokinesis. Hamilton – meat-heap tank of a man, completely mutated. Carlsagan – machine … More Dark Herz S7 – Let’s Fight Spike

Dark Herz S6 – Doing Good (?) For Once

Well, that was one crazy ride. Mission success? Cast Vlad – psyker; pyrokinesis, precognition, telekinesis. Vash – psyker; biomancy, precognition, telekinesis. Hamilton – soldier, basically made of armor by now. Carlsagan – chilling in the appartment (missing). BISHOP – still doing tech-priest things (missing). Events They chilled out and let Spike’s gang dissapear with their … More Dark Herz S6 – Doing Good (?) For Once

Dark Herz S5 – Devastation Endangering the Public

So… This session, the party was much more dangerous to the general public than their enemies were. It was a right mess. Cast Vlad – psyker: pyrokinesis, precognition, telekinesis Vash – psyker: biomancy, precognition Carlsagan – autocannon-touting assassin Following the end of last session, the party couldn’t decide if they wanted to run away, so … More Dark Herz S5 – Devastation Endangering the Public