Codex of Beasts – Demons II

Well, well. Today there will be two more demons for Darkest Nights. These are a little more powerful, or at least resourceful, than the last ones. But first…

What differentiates a demon from a ghost? Not much actually. They are composed of the same thing and behave in similar ways. The key thing, however, are that demons have given up their humanity (or in some cases had none to begin with). They are so to say beyond redemption. It’s not necessarily that they cannot feel, but they are incapable of positive emotions. They are bound for suffering until their soul is destroyed and taken by another.

These demons are of a more subtle nature than the last ones. They have stronger and more refined supernatural abilities, compared to the fairly mundane lesser demons.


The doppelganger has a familiar german name, and essentially means “someone’s double”. This is a rather apt name, as they are able to take the appearance of anyone they have killed. This allows them to hide their actual form and stalk the streets as a human, at least for a while. They slip inside the torn-open bodies of their victims, and wear them as clothes. This allows them to masquerade as humans for a few days, but the corpse loses the vigor in its appearance after just a day or two, and starts to look dead after a few more days. Then the doppelganger must lure a new victim to a secluded place, burst out of its rotting cocoon, and kill once more.

Only when it is forced to change host or the corpse is heavily damaged will the doppelganger leave it. It dislikes exposing its bloodless white and clammy skin to the air, or even worse: light. If one despite this manages to spot one the skeletal frame will be revealed, long bones covered with skin and small amounts of flesh. It has no face or features whatsoever, but it still manages to stare at you with its blank head. They few survivors of doppelganger attacks claim the felt the piercing gaze focus at them just before it struck.

It has long been discussed what kind of demon a doppelganger is. Some assume it’s an “evolved” imp, as their looks are similar (despite the doppelganger not even having a mouth). Other say it’s a demon of envy that has managed to enter the world through a dying sinner. Whatever the exact classification, a doppelganger can be revealed either with a mirror, as it reflects without a face, or by its lack of blinking.

Well Fiend

A peculiar type of demon, a well fiend is just what it sounds like. A large snake-like demon that lives at the bottom of a well. As long as it is happy, the water is clean and good, but if it gets upset (for example if it doesn’t get fed properly), it turns poisonous and the demon will go out to hunt at night. However, it must always leave its tail in the well. If someone could cut it off through the iron-hard scales, it will die quicly if prevented from returning.

Well fiends get significantly longer as they age. As a rule of thumb, it will be a pace long for each year it has been incarnate. Its thickness changes negligibly after the first few years, staying at a little more than what a man can grasp with both hands. This is plenty for crushing people and and swallowing them whole.

Because of a well fiend’s simple nature some academics doubt they are actually demons. But what would they be then? There’s no answer to that. Classification aside, its a large beast that eats meat, preferably humans. Its also dumb, being docile when well fed. A monster living in your well is bad, but it could be worse. It’ll be okay as long as you feed it.

That’s it for today. Now it’s actually late, so I’m going to sleep now. Until next time!


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