Stats for Darkest Nights Imps

First off, though, it’s 25°C in the shade here. In early May, in Sweden. It’s ridiculous, and I melt in the sunshine  (which is strong enough to kill all the vampires). But enough of that. Today I’m bringing some game statistics for one of the monsters I have written here. I’ll present it in three different systems, just for good measure.

The Systems

I have never actually played in a GURPS campaign, but I rather like the system. The basic rules premise is pretty simple, altough a large number of options may complicate things. I’d like to be able to play  GURPS some day, even though I might not GM it.

D&D 5e
Although it’s not very suited to most kinds of play that aren’t “stupid murder hobos” it is still a pretty good system for just that. There are things to complain about but it’s probably the most balanced (design-wise, not power-wise necessarily) of the editions.

Darkest Nights
My own current system, for the campaign the monsters were originally written for. I might have to explain mechanics down the line if it’s too confusing, but hopefully it’ll be alright. It’s a Victorian era kind-of-horror game, with some Bloodborne vibes.


The least of the incarnate demon forms, the imp is a match for a normal man nonetheless.


ST 10 [0] DX 11 [20] IQ 9 [-20] HT 12 [20]


  • Size Modifier -1
  • Damage Resistance 2 [10]
  • Dark Vision [25]
  • Teeth (sharp) [1]
  • Unkillable 1 [50]
  • Injury Tolerance (no eyes) [5]
  • Cowardice (9) [-15]
  • Frightens Animals [-10]
  • Restricted Diet (fresh meat) [-10]
  • Appearance (horrific) [-20]
  • Unnatural Features 5 [-5]
  • Dependency  (rest in ritual circle, monthly, rare) [-30]
  • Terminally Ill (1 year) [-75]
  • Brawling DX+2 (13) [4]
  • Other skills [10]

That’s… quite a list. Hopefully I haven’t missed anything, and the grand total is -40 points. Probably not character material, as you can see.

D&D 5e

Str 10 (+0) Dex 12 (+1) Con 14 (+2) Int 8 (-1) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 6 (-2)

  • Size: small, speed: 30 ft. AC 13
  • Bite +3, 1d4+1 slashing damage  (5 ft).
  • Resistance to mundane weapons.
  • Durability. When reduced to 0 HP, make a Con save vs. 10 + exceeding damage. On success, stay at 1 HP.

Darkest Nights

  • Fighting: professional level if threatened. More frenzied desperation than skill.
  • Grit: 3, Wounds: 3
  • Health +2, Steel -1
  • Medium sized target
  • Decently stealthy
  • Can traverse obstacles pretty well

That’s it for today. I’m aware that my system’s stats look silly, but it’s very much about narrative power instead of mechanical power. I might codify this some more, but right now this list is more than I roll with (I keep most of it in my brain, it seems to have a decent bit of storage space). More will come at a later date. Until then!



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