Supercrunchy Strength

I don’t think I have discussed the Strength system of my current system (Dark Herz, which might as well be named Crunchmaster at this point). It’s fairly good, but quite math intensive. Here goes.   The Basics There’s two statistics directly relevant here: Base Strength (rated 1-40, average human 10). This is basically your level of strength … More Supercrunchy Strength

Dark Herz S9 – Almost But Not Quite Dead

Hello there. It’s been a while. I’ve been really busy these last months. Anyways, finally another session happened. Cast Zoro – assassin swordsman, faster than Usain Bolt. Vlad – psyker: pyrokinesis, telekinesis, precognition. Carlsagan – super sniper. Events The fight with Black Armor Man continued. Carlsagan threw a demo-charge into the mech, but was shot in … More Dark Herz S9 – Almost But Not Quite Dead