Codex of Beasts – Spirits I

This is a lore post about the spectral creatures in my Darkest Nights world. For some, seeing the ghosts of the dead is commonplace, as they have the second sight and can catch a glimpse of the other world. The people who are unable to pass on easily remain, at least as fragments, in the limbo between the two worlds. And frankly, almost everyone leaves a Shade behind when they die. It’s just how people cling to life.

So what kinds of lesser spirits are there?


Shades are the memories and will of a dying person made manifest. Their flickering half-real forms shuffle around in the places they lived, desperately mimicing life. Most of them slowly fade away, unable to ever fulfill what they want and then quietly pass on. They are almost completely harmless, blind to anything but their desires. Sometimes, however they manage to get a hold of the world of the living, and “solidify” themselves. This can lead them to become either ghosts, or some other creature entirely.


Ghosts are the more aggressive and dangerous lesser spirits. They are single-minded devices propelled by a powerful negative emotion, struggling relentlessly to get their revenge, or whatever holds them down to the mortal plane. Sometimes they dissipate after getting what they want. Sometimes their primal emotion just carries on, locking them into an infinite cycle of trying to repeat whatever they were trying to do, in any way possible. This is how haunting ghosts are born.

Well here’s two types of lesser spirtis. There are more but my players don’t know about them yet.



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