Codex of Beasts – Spirits II

It’s time for some more spirits for Darkest Nights. These are still in the lower end of power, at least to begin with. As every ghost they can grow more powerful with time, especially if there’s a source of energy and strong emotions involved.

Today we have two ghosts of different nature. Both can be harmful, but in most cases they are not intentionally so. These can both affect the physical world somewhat, which puts them above the shades, and indeed, like any other spiritual entity, they can feed on them. But enough on that, here they are: the wisp and the poltergeist.

Wisp, or Ghost Light

Wisps are the spirits of lost travelers whose corpses were never found. They wander (or rather float) around the area where they died, ever searching for a way to get home but painfully unable to do so. They are often oblivious to any other spirits or people around them, which means especially treacherous areas can have dozens, if not hundreds, of wisps flitting around chaotically, each on their own looking for the way out.

Wisps are dangerous. Not because they are malicious, because they aren’t but because they are distracting. Their faint glow is visible even to unattuned humans, and is almost hypnotic in its nature. The dancing ghost lights cause nightly travelers to lose sight of the way and walk straight into natural hazards. And then the deadly swamp or precarious cliffs claim another victim, and the circle of wisps gets another member.

When a wisp becomes aware of it never being able to return home, that is when it gets truly dangerous. This is what fills it with envy of those still living, and it intentionally tries to lure them to their deaths. They can roam farther from their resting place, but as these wrath spirits know it does them no good in itself they use it to hunt even more distant prey. These Devil’s Lanterns are now demons, trying to gathere enough power to break free from their long-dead body once and for all.


This might be a famous variety of ghost, but people often mistake natural noises to one of these. Wooden houses can creak, the wind can move papers, and small animals can move about. But the thing about the poltergeist is, it knocks. Tap tap tap, tap tap tap tap. In the beginning the reason why might not be apparent, but after a while you might notice things slowly changing places, new objects strangely breaking, and it might get hard to sleep.

Poltergeists are spirits who feel a need to protect a place, most often their house. They died fearing that the home they spent so much time building and improving would be ruined by the people following them, most often if they died without heirs, or without heirs that could or would take over the house. So they remain, determined to prevent any changes to their precious homestead. The more the new owner changes the building the worse it gets. The poltergeist works harder and harder to restore it to what it feels is the ideal condition, and gets more and more upset as the residents keep putting things back in place. If the ghost is unable to change anything it might eventually expend all its power and fade, its knocking becoming weaker and weaker, until it dissapears. But sometimes, the opposite happens.

If the poltergeist has a long line of ancestors who lived in the same estate, it can feed upon their shades. The longer the house has been theirs the more shades there are, and the more powerful it gets. Suddenly it can push over book cases, flip tables, and smash windows. If enough shades are absorbed it can even demolish newly built walls and exstensions, and attack residents it would disallow. And the influx of older memories of how the house should be makes it more indiscriminate in what it would destroy, eventually making the house completely uninhabitable as the poltergeist destroys everything except what keeps the house standing.

After this only a exorcist purging the home would allow people to live there. The danger most often leads to the house being abandonded, and getting a reputation as haunted.

So that’s it for these beasties. Hope they were entertainging or useful. I’m trying out not having that wierd all-caps style on the text, but I’m not sure what alternatives exist to making this end-commentary stand out from the entries. Hopefully some blue and italics will be enough. I’m done for now, but most likely I will throw out another post later today. Until then!


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