Viking Dice Rolls

Here’s a short update on the viking RPG I’m making. I’m thinking about conflict resolution mechanics at the moment, and this is one idea of just what to do about it. I want to keep it simple, because the focus is more on deeds than numbers, but I’m still not sure of what to do with it. Here’s one with a d12. Those dice get too little love.

Ok, so this is pretty simple. If the task is the “right” level for your proficiency, whatever that might mean in the situation, roll 1d12. If it’s easier, due to tools, overcompetence, help, or whatever, roll 2d12 or even 3d12 and use the highest roll. If it’s harder due to the opposite, roll 2d12 or 3d12 and use the lowest roll. Then take a look at this fine table.


1 2-3 4-6 7-9 10-11 12
Result Disaster! Horrible! Bad! Good!



And yeah, you could roll these with d6 too, but d12s are nice sometimes. This is just a line going from “worst possible” to “best possible”, and is just an untested idea as of now. I’ll be back if I make something more interesting up. I’m tired now. See ya.


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