200 Posts

Apparently, I just made 200 posts. What a mistake, as that makes this 200-posts post the 201st post. Ah well. I assume this warrants some kind of 1d200 table? I'm not too big on tables, so probably not. At least I'm ahead of 100 posts per year, which is... good I guess?


Raggi is that you?

I've gotten a lot of views on my old blood mage thing for LotFP from one (possibly two, no way to tell) people from Finland during the last week. I wonder if it's just some person that forgot a tab open in their browser or something... I don't think it's actually Mr. James Eward Raggi … Continue reading Raggi is that you?

Slow Posting

I'm back in school since a few weeks now. The year-2 term-1 of computer science is pretty much a constant stream of large assignement, meaning that coupled with me working on my campaign (and the other campaign), my posting rate is not that good. Sorry.