200 Posts

Apparently, I just made 200 posts. What a mistake, as that makes this 200-posts post the 201st post. Ah well. I assume this warrants some kind of 1d200 table? I’m not too big on tables, so probably not. At least I’m ahead of 100 posts per year, which is… good I guess?


Raggi is that you?

I’ve gotten a lot of views on my old blood mage thing for LotFP from one (possibly two, no way to tell) people from Finland during the last week. I wonder if it’s just some person that forgot a tab open in their browser or something… I don’t think it’s actually Mr. James Eward Raggi IV of Flame Princess fame (though if it was that’d be cool).

Anyways, it kicked me to remember that one. I actually like the spell list, but the rest of the implementation is a bit… lackluster. Might rewrite it. Blood magic should drink constitution, or something.

Anyways, if you know you’re the one who’s been reading it, hello to you!

Ranting on the Gold Standard / 5e Prices

I’ve been working a tad more on my huge table of prices and stuff.

Then I thought… if the king of France was playing D&D 5e in 1385, how many plate armors could he buy? As it turns out, using the entirety of the kingdom of France’s capital (including all taxes etc) for a year one could buy 2700 sets of plate armor.

A knight banneret (an “officer” or higher ranking knight) would need almost two full years of pay to buy a set, using the 5e price of 1500 gp. (The higher figure I found had them making around 860 gp per year… in full year-long service, I think?).

Theoretically, one gp in 1385 corresponds to around $3500 today. So the cost of plate armor in 5e would correspond to maybe 5 million USD. That seems quite a bit too much, compared to the 3-18 “gp” (livre / pound) that’s in the sources I’ve found.


How does wizardry feel?

So well… I began this post yesterday (wait, today!) at 1 PM, atfter having spent 20 of the last 40 hours battling a particularly nasty programming exercise with my lab partner.

When trying to analyze what was causing us to fail yet another test, I experienced that weird thinking feeling.

Your brain is seething in your skull, tendrils of thought stretch out in every direction grasping for a clue. As you go through the code in your head rapidly time and again, faster and faster, you try to find the point that’s not working and force it to work. It’s quite a strange feeling.

And then I thought to myself: “is this how wizards would feel?”

What’s Up With Secret Santicore?

Update 2: no word yet…

Update: it seems it was only delayed! Hooray!


You know, this thing. I sent in a request, and expected one back. I’ve not heard anything since, despite the date for getting something to write being the 22nd, four days ago. They haven’t answered any of the comments on the blog, and I can’t seem to find any sort of contact info.

Anyone know anything? There seems to be at least one other person who’s missing their assignment, so I can hope it’s not just me messing up my email in the submission form…

Slow Posting

I’m back in school since a few weeks now. The year-2 term-1 of computer science is pretty much a constant stream of large assignement, meaning that coupled with me working on my campaign (and the other campaign), my posting rate is not that good. Sorry.