1986 [Zombies] – Session 1

I guess play reports are back in business. First session of the new zombie campaign! Fun stuff.


  • Erik, certified upper secondary school engineer student, 20.
  • Björn, biathlon (skiing + target shooting) professional, 25.
  • Arvid, combat medic, 26.
  • Immala, winter war veteran / ship’s captain, 60.


We began in a small hospital in southern Stockholm, August 26th 1986. At least, that’s where the party was last awake. They came to on a cruise ship of some form, in hospital beds. How strange. Erik immediatly went to look for the ship’s bridge. It was locked, with the captain inside, so Erik did some breaking and entering. Immala and Björn went around looking for life boats and other things. Arvid went searching for his friend Per who should have been around there somewhere, given that he had been at the hospital.

They find the captain’s own log, which they read one page from and then they [qoute] “toss it back on the corpse”. Erik goes off to restart electricity, Björn starts deploying the life boat. Arvid loops through all the hospital rooms, finding some medical gear and what seems to be a tied-up, if agressive, rabies patient, and nopes out.

With power back on, Erik sent out a mayday message on the radio. Someone answers. Meanwhile, Arvid raided the kitchen for food. Except.. there was another rabid person there, with a deadly neck injury. The thing charged him, and he despreately defended himself, after slamming all alarm buttons available. The others scrambled down the stairs while Arvid fought off the frenzied madman. With some teamwork they eventually smashed it to a pulp, with only Erik’s legg being slightly bruised by gripping.

They grabbed some more stuff and went up. A small boat had arrived, and the party jumped on and were taken to a small island. It seemed there were a few fishermen there, in a dying town. At this moment they realized they had left the logbook behind, so Arvid, Björn, and Immala borrowed a boat and went back to the ship while Erik stayed and explored a bit.

On the ship they grabbed the logs, and then decided to open the clearly dangerous locked room for fun. A bunch of infected maniacs poured out, and they ran away. Immala had to jump into the 8°C water to escape, and while they were trying to get the boat to start one rabid person fell face first into the boat and awkwardly attacked. It bit Björn’s leg before being butchered by Arvid with a fire axe. Björn infection status = unknown.

They went back. Meanwhile, Erik looped around. There was a big concrete blocky house, near the water. Behind there was a smaller block marked “Danger. Electricity”. The lock was poor, so Erik went in. A strange radio was inside, connected with several extra wires and outfitted with nonstandard buttons. It seemed to have some additional modes, but those were shut off after he tried calling them. A floor hatch was in the room, but it was heavily locked from below.

When the others came back, Erik used the fire axe to break into the big concrete house. Inside was a speedy military boat, but not a Swedish one. Strange…

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