The End of a Decade

WordPress deleted my post and autosaved it so I couldn’t undo :0 Wat. Now written on phone

Okay… from the start, I guess. Hi, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. It’s been a rough year in some regards. Time for a retrospect post.

The Blog

Oh, my poor blog. 26 posts. Thats terrible. I blame many things. It’s probably been the heaviest year of uni yet (which is unbelievable given that year two practically killed half the students), I’ve been busy with multiple projects, written script for the spex, and gone through a breakup. Sad times. Coupled with the fact that most of the rpg material I write is straight rules for my current campaign (i.e. not the best blog content), there has not been much activity here. I have like 5 incomplete play reports too…


I managed some 20 sessions this year maybe? Not too bad given the terrible schedule overlap of my players. Finished up another disposable heroes, played dark herz into a TPK into another TPK. Started a new dark herz. Played a very successful session with some beginners. Nothing has been as crazy as the ending of disposable heroes 3, which is good. Overall a good year.

RPG systems

Working on my current system which might as well be called Crunchmaster. Near future realistic scifi. Will publish when readable (I say that every year).


I listened to 1/3 my normal amount of music according to spotify. Probably due to stress and/or sadness. After being to Gojira live (which was fantastic!) I listened a ton to them though. Rammstein’s new album was good too.

I have achieved V A R I E T Y

Bonus points if you know these albums. One is harder than the other.

Unexpectedly consistent top band

I also have like 5 half-finished jazz-funk songs I’m making with a friend. Pretty good stuff.

The End of the 2010’s

It’s insane. Where does time go? During these last 10 years I have grown up, at least a little bit. I started playing RPGs for real, I got into OSR stuff, then started doing whatever I liked with RPGs anyways. I went to uni, and it’s not much left now (like 1 year out of 5).

I’ve talked to a lot of nice people. You might know who you are, if you happen by. In that case, feel appreciated. Also, a shoutout to a certain discord server, which is the best. And hopefully I can get back to being a little more active here and there, next year…

So cheers to the new year, if a little early yet, and a new decade. I hope you find success and get to do whatever RPG stuff you want. I hope we get to discuss the games we love for a long time yet. I hope these kinds of spaces can keep being nice and welcoming.

Happy new year!

firework hollow
The new year’s hollow greets you.
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