Dark Herz Exiles – Session 1

Oh hi. It’s been a while. School decided that having 5 assingments per week was good, so I’ve been busy. Anyways, it’s new campaign time, and I’m excited.

The party were random nobodies sent away as free labor on a penal colony after commiting some crime.


  • Little Boy. Agricultural engineer. Charged with “illegal madness” after spreading communist propaganda.
  • Watt. Electrician. Charged for damaging surveillance equipment to avoid being watched.
  • Spleen. Mining engineer. Wrongfully charged with vandalism, after being used as a scapegoat by his wife.
  • Lloyd. Delivery boy. Charged with “illegal madness” after preaching about freedom of religion.


All the characters had been imprisoned, and sold off as work power by a totalitarian regime. They awoke in a crashed drop pod, after the main space ship had apparently been through some troubles on the way to the penal colony.

Scrambling from the wreck, the tossed the guard’s lockbox from a steep hill to break out the revolver inside. After that, they headed towards a flare on a supply box. They get some random survival supplies, and head on towards another drop pod. They scout out that it contains guards, so they dress Spleen up in some stolen guard clothes, and get him to bait them towards the party. It doesn’t much matter, because as soon as they come close, Spleen shoots each guard twice in a span of 10 seconds, which was some stupid luck, and the guards miss all of their shots, which was even stupider luck.

After brutally murdering innocent guards from ambush, they proceeded onwards. They looted a few more boxes, explored and destroyed a small radio tower, heard a surviving cop putting out a bounty on them on the radios they stole, and went over to a third drop pod.

That pod contained gansters. The party wanted to team up, but the gangsters told them that they had to do them a favor first: to kill off a person still locked in his cryo-tank. They said yes and hopped on over. Apparently it was a remorseless serial killer, triple-handcuffed to the wall. They laughed and freed the insane psycopathic monster by ruining the electronic locks. They gave him a knife, and he went and slaughtered the armed gangsters. Later, the party hung out in the bloodstained and body-part covered butcher house that was the gansters’ pod, and stole some stuff.

They left, and camped in the wilds. The serial killer did not kill them during the night (this time?). They messed with a weather station, and stole its computer, and then proceeded to a fourth drop pod. They realeased and then immediately executed the guard, and then stole most of the emergency resources left for the sleeping people inside.

We ended the session after they went to another little resource pack.

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