Dark Herz – The Epilogue

We finished off Dark Herz with a little epilogue of a few sessions to get me time to prepare Dark Herz 2, which still isn’t done.


  • Hamilton, the meat shield
  • Vlad, the psychic
  • Carlsagan, the sniper
  • Brother Iotathe tech priest
  • Ugluk, the big soldier [later]

Part 1

The certainly dead PCs had been saved by the genious doctor Mycah, a horrible psycopath. He had implanted their spines with bombs to force them to obey, and sent them to kill off Stone the business mogul’s clones.

The first one was said to be placed in a villa on a far off planet. They scouted the place, went and messed around randomly with the local mafia (which was a long bit off), and then brutally executed the innocent staff for not knowing where Stone’s clone was. Then they blew up the house, slaughtered the loaders that was loading a box on a spaceship, and destroyed the box, which contained a clone (?). It could not be verifed being Stone’s.

Part 2

The second clone was kept in a fortress, with too much surveillance to sneak onto the planet easily. A shock assault was decided on. They stacked a bigass jeep with 10 machine guns on and the modified mining mech into their ship, and flew down. After mowing down some poor guards brutally, they approached the fortress. Hamilton flew onto the walls with his jet wings, and started going through towers. The others drove up the ramp towards the door.

A Black Armor Guy arrived from the fortress. Raising a heavy gun with an undermounted rocket launcher, it seemed doomed. Carlsagan shot first though, destroying the gun. Black armor guy charged. They sprayed him with machine guns bullets for fifteen seconds, which was clearly and obviously completely inneffective. BAG smacked the mech with his bigass hammer, smashing the glass, and ran past it to the car.

He started lifting it, all 2.5 tons of it (well half, as it leaned on its front). Vlad decided to reduce gravity to 1/8 with his psychic powers, which allowed BAG to throw the car into the air. As it started flying down the ramp, Hamilton tackled BAG into the gravity zone so BAG too flew down. While in the air, Carlsagan decided that blowing up 10 blast grenades and 5 explosive charges was the best idea. Vlad tried to leave the car, which was at this point flying upside down, but a brutal critical failure on his agility left him flying in the air too. Black armor guy grabbed Vlad as a human shield against the blast. Boom. Death.

Part 3

Hamilton (who’s player at this point was missing), went ahead as the sole survivor.

Brother Iota, and Ugluk, a new character arrived to the scene. Finding Vlad’s mangled spine somehow still alive (barely), lodged inside Black Armor Guy’s chest cavity, Iota sewed Vlad’s spine and brain into his own body with his high Medicine skill and wealth of medical nanites and instruments. It succeeded. Vlad was now essentially a parasite, with no senses, who could only communicate by bouncing in morse code.

They went into the fortress, into a long hallway. A bloodred line followed the inner perimiter of the five-sided fortress walls. As they proceeded in, the lines seemed to join into a pentagram of some kind. Vlad morse-d that two psykers were there, and a bunch of weaponless cultists. The party slaughtered them, right on the pile of human sacrifices on the summoning circle. Repeated psychic mishaps by both Vlad and the two psykers caused a Rain of Blood, which increased the amount of psychic mishaps, which triggered another Rain of Blood. Eventually, a massive demon was summoned, and they ran.

Somehow they made it to the ship. Duncan, Mycah’s psyker told Mycah to kill the Iota-Vlad monster because of its evil psychic energy, so Mycah pressed the trigger.

Only, Vlad’s precognition allowed him to pull ahead and he caused a huge firestorm, instantly incapacitating both Mycah and Ugluk. Psychic mishaps, including two more Raining Blood’s, caused Duncan and Iota-Vlad to go berserk, where somehow Duncan beat the monster half to death. Additionaly psychic mishaps stacked up, until everyone swapped souls, and then Duncan (in a guard’s body) became a demon. Duncan-demon killed Ugluk’s body, while Ugluk tried and eventually succeeded in commiting suicide in Duncan’s body. Iota, in a guard’s body, grabbed the Vlad-Iota monster and ran for the medical bay. Vlad ended up unconcious in Mycah’s body. The demon chased down the Iota-Guard and mind controlled it into killing off the Iota-Vlad monster.

The end.




What in the actual fuck was this.



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