Dark Herz S9 – Almost But Not Quite Dead

Hello there. It’s been a while. I’ve been really busy these last months. Anyways, finally another session happened.


  • Zoro – assassin swordsman, faster than Usain Bolt.
  • Vlad – psyker: pyrokinesis, telekinesis, precognition.
  • Carlsagan – super sniper.


The fight with Black Armor Man continued. Carlsagan threw a demo-charge into the mech, but was shot in the hand and didn’t pull the trigger. Zoro dived through the hole in the window to smack BAM for 2 damage, and then the emergency escape button was pressed sending the windshield (and Zoro) spiraling through the air. The moment for exploding the cockpit had passed, and instead Vlad and his last soldier charged BAM holding two directional charges each. Vlad dodged aside and detonated his soldier when he reached BAM. Unfortunately it did little damage to BAM, while killing the soldier and Carlsagan, that had fallen from the mech. The explotion set of the trigger for the bomb in the mech, killing Zoro too. Vlad quickly noped out of that with False Future.

Eventually, they ended up in a mess where BAM tackled the soldier and Vlad, then in quick succession murdered the soldier, Vlad, and Zoro with with the soldier’s own knife. Unfortunate indeed. Carlsagan aimed for chinks in armor with a -40 penalty, but due to his insane ballistic skill, hit anyways, and eventually stunned BAM with wounds. The rest of the soldiers, late because of the party’s poor coordination, arrived and moved them to medics.

They woke up some 30 hours later, in a hospital. Vlad was mostly fine, Carslagan had a decent concussion, and Zoro was in a 15-hour surgery for being stabbed through the brain. They messed around a bit, and touched BAM’s corpse, after which a guard said “don’t touch that, it’s SUPER INFECTED!!!”. Apparently, the party had lured the army and the police into a trap, letting the gangs take over the entire city. The Inquisitor was pissed, but negotiating peace.

Two days later, they went looking for BAM’s corpse. Vlad used Dowsing to find it, in the cellar where they had found a demonhost back in the day. That’s ominous. They find the heretical biomancer psyker doctor that runs the hospital, and get him to take them down in the elevator together with two soldiers and the Inquisitor. Apparently the body was inside a big refrigerator-looking thing, and when they opened the door it was there. A lot of liquid poured out. Initially, Carlsagan aimed for the body with the big anti-material railgun they had taken from BAM, but then when the doctor started acting weird, everyone, including Carlsagan, watched him instead.

As suspected, the doctor attacked. As they had made no precautions, he hit Vlad with a spooky needle, but Vlad succeeded two < 25% toughness saving throws in a row. Huh. The doctor was quickly killed. BAM tackled Carlsagan from behind, apparently still alive/ressurected/zombified/a demon. They shot him a bit, but he grabbed Carlsagan and jumped through a broken window to an unknown water tunnel. One of the soldiers grabbed Carlsagans arm, and a weird chaotic rescue wrestle began. Eventually BAM stabbed Carlsagan and then jumped into the water. Zoro jumped after, which caused his plasma sword to short circuit. He was nearly drowned by BAM before they hauled him back up. And someone had taken the doctors corpse. Or maybe it still lived, who knows.

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