Dark Herz S8 – Keep Fighting Spike

Still ridiculously busy with school. Short play reports only.


  • Zoro (Vash’s replacement) – stupidly agile sword-assassin.
  • Vlad – psyker with a bunch of disciplines.
  • Carlsagan – sniper assassin with a damn machine gun.
  • Hamilton – actual tank of a man. Violently mutated.


Hamilton was brought back from death’s door with the use of medicine and drugs. Then they grabbed a few inquisitorial soldiers and went to chase the guy in black armor. They entered the mining house from two directions, the top-floor people chasing the man in black armor (and running into booby traps), and the bottom-floor people to cut him off.

On the lowest floor they found a large power suit, originally for mining but modified for combat. Hamilton broke through the glass but couldn’t get it to start. As the top floor people were investigating rooms, two soldiers were killed, and no one could catch Black Armor Guy. They ran after, barely avoided being exploded by a gas container, and then ran away from a gas grenade. BAG finished off all but one soldier on that floor, and was one point of damage away from instantly killing Zoro with his first blow (crazy stupid critical hit).

The bottom floor people started running upwards, found an escape hole through some floors and decided to block and guard it. Due to some unfortunate timing, the moment they left with all but two soldiers, BAG dropped down and attacked. He finished one off as the other ran, and proceeded towards the mech. Everyone ran after him.

Carlsagan charged the mech with a demolition charge, and then ran away. Vlad failed to invoke Plasma Blade like three times. Hamilton and Zoro charged the mech at a rate of “a tired turtle” and “Usain Bolt on speed” respectively. The mech chucked out supressive fire with its machine gun, and after it scored three hits (out of 100) Vlad decided he didn’t like the result, and False Future-d it. So he’ll just shoot again next time. TBC.

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