They did it. The chaos finally chaosed out. The world is almost fine.


  • Ulv – hyper-vampire with like 6 pets.
  • Ori – vampire, literally a god by now.
    • Ulf – Ori’s cousin, a powerful wizard demon.
  • Benedictus – flickering paradoxical demonic creature.


They decided, after some talking, to release the WORLD DESTROYING APOCALYPSE DEMON. A weird three eyed woman with four black cloaks (the fail-safe body of the demon from the other timeline, she was there all along), tries to free the demon, but is grappled. Ori drinks some of her blood and is blasted through the air by fire. Benedictus eats her with his portal belly. They free the demon, for some dumb powerful wishes. It jumps into Benedictus belly too, merging with its self from the other timeline to break all power limits.

The party went down, and cleaved the demon gate open. Whoops. The other DOOM DEMON was released, and then Ulf promptly mind-controlled it. Huh. Using a new spirit of Benedictus’, they teleported to Heaven where he stole like 10 more overpowered spirits he could now use. Then the APOCALYPSE DEMON escaped, and went downwards. They decided to teleport to the bottom of Hell to stop it from getting the seventh seal. The DOOM DEMON burst the tiny destination, but they proceeded anyways. The seal was not there, and neither was the sword(s). It seems they are timeline-independent.

When the APOCALYPSE DEMON never arrived, they teleported to Vasaara to kill the dragon. It was staring in fear at something. The APOCALYPSE DEMON was heading for the sun. Ulv killed the dragon with a few punches, Benedictus chased innocents through the crowd for blood, mind-controlled DOOM DEMON punched Ulf’s enemies (a noble family), and Ori swung wildly against the APOCALYPSE DEMON with the INFINITE SWORD but missed every time.

Finally, as the APOCALYPSE DEMON was nearing the sun, Benedictus decided to move the sun out of its way. He couldn’t, because Ori had already destroyed the sun with the INFINITE SWORD… But the light of that event hadn’t reached them yet (8 minutes time). Through some bizzare miracle, Benedictus teleported over a new sun. Only it was too big, and the planet was burnt. Then he moved the planet to a reasonable distance. Only there was hardly any water left, so he converted all minerals on earth to water. WHoops. Sinking in a sea of boiling water, Ori used the last of the Hourglass’ power to revert time… (rolling)… 19 years. That’s 10 years before the start of Disposable Heroes II, before even the start of Disposable Heroes I.

Somewhere across the sea, a young Benedictus is going to school. It’s in Kairns, before the first party went through with the revolution. Igor and Bruts are skulking in the streets outside. His timeline is fully reverted. Lucifer is there too, still before the city fell and his family was plunged into ruin. His timeline is almost fully reverted.

In the north, in the Black City of Ios, a six-year-old Ulv is getting beaten by his noble parents… until he decides to fight back. There’s a destiny here. One day, he will be a powerful vampire with a host of vampiric animals. (And have 100 in every stat). In the streets below, a young Ares runs with the dogs and other children. He’s already huge.

Back near Vasaara, Uncle Ben (11 years old) is helping out with the young Ulf before he’s leaving for the rice fields. His timeline is fully reverted. Ori (10 years old), is going out too, to dive for ore. Over her hangs the destiny of becoming a god, and it cannot be avoided. Ulf (5 years old), left in the house, contemplates his place in the world. He kept all his powers, and is a great and powerful wizard (if only his body would keep up). He considers destroying the world, but ultimately decides against it (for this time).



Character Count Summary

Note that character deaths include characters that truly die but then are ressurected through magic or time shenanigans. Also, technically all these are alive now, because time shenanigans.

Total Characters Character deaths
Ax. 9 10
Er. 4 3
Al. 4 4
Kr. 4 6
Jo. 4 4
Ed. 1 3
Others 4 1

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