Another year, another retrospect post. It’s been a pretty rough year for me (as for many others). Not because of RPGs obviously. Mostly schoolwork has been very heavy, especially since I never really got to rest up for real since  last year. Being ground down is not a pleasant experience. But well, I’m trying to get better, so that’s good. On to more interesting things!

The Olde Blog

I’ve made 77 posts on the blog (78 with this one), which ends up being one every five days. It’s a miracle it’s that many, given what uni has been like. Apparently traffic has doubled too, which is cool. Probably should thank the OSR blog feed thing for that (it’s in the sidebar). Thanks to all you people who dropped in, read a few posts, and maybe commented or liked something! That warms my creator’s heart.

RPG systems

…or “I will release my rules system sometime, I promise!”. I’m at draft four (five?) of Disposable Heroes. The problem is, it’s chopped to bits and constantly edited, leaving only a confusing mess. I wan’t to get a readable version out. Next year for sure!

The system is going somewhere though, and to a better place too. It’s what I’m using for my current campaign, and as such it gets some testing, which helps. I’ll try to make time to sit down and write a pretty draft.

The Campaign

I’ve run 24-something sessions this year. It’s decent, considering so many weeks got lost (mostly because one player couldn’t come leaving us too few to run – we’re a some more people now so it’ll hopefully happen less). It’s still the same campaign, which is pretty cool. Just broke 40 consecutive sessions in the same world (over two and a half separate character groups). That’s like 200 hours. Good times.


Went to see both Maiden and Metallica live this year. ‘Twas great. Seems like Bruce’s voice is still getting better after the surgery, which is good news.


This is the first bit of spotify’s automatic most-played songs playlist for me. Can reccomend all of these songs (and bands).

All in all

It’s been a good year. I joined the OSR discord which is really awesome. I’ve written stuff for my game. I’ve almost survived the bachelor’s degree, and on time to boot! So, as this year turns to a new one, I wish you a happy new year! I’ll raise a glass to you (probably asynchronously given time zone differences, but whatever). May 2019 be a good year.

firework hollow
Happy new year everybody!

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