Damage Dice vs. Damage Reduction

Was thinking about damage dice and damage reduction the other day. Beacuse you don’t reduce damage below 0 (usually) it ends up being a nonlinear reduction in damage as DR increases. Here’s a little table:

DR 0 DR 1 DR 2 DR 3 DR 4
1d4 2.5 1.5 0.75 0.25 0
1d6 3.5 2.5 1.67 1 0.5
1d8 4.5 3.5 2.63 1.88 1.25
1d10 5.5 4.5 3.6 2.8 2.1
1d12 6.5 5.5 4.58 3.75 3

To note: 1d12 is around 1.85x as much as 1d6 with 0 DR, but crank the damage reduction up to 4 and suddenly it’s six times as much. While it might not be optional for all games, it does provide an interesting shift in the difference between weapons.

Big weapons are better att hammering through armor. A dagger doesn’t go through armor (basically nothing goes through plate armor, not even bullets), you stab someone in the eyes or groin. If you manage to get into a groins-stabby situation, and Into the Odd style enhanced damage die of d12 could perhaps be used.

Coupled with something like exploding dice (or another thing that reduces the difference between dice sizes), it could potentially also be used to simulate the fact that big weapons more easily deal larger wounds at worse hit locations (but small weapons can kill if they hit the right spot).


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