The Knight of Logan has returned! (Finally!) And due to his equipment packs being inspiring, I wrote some stuff. Weird horrible things yay!


Assume these do 1d6 damage (or whatever your normal 1-handed damage is) unless stated otherwise.

Roll Item
1 A hilted ghoul claw – it still paralyzes on maximum damage hits.
2 A gem-encrusted knife, each gem a container for a different poison.
3 An invisible knife. It’s a pain to find when you drop it.
4 A spring-loaded smallsword – you can fire the blade up to 10 meters.
5 A silent hand crossbow, the only sound it makes a soft whoosh, and 10 equally silent raven-quill bolts.
6 A barbed dagger – it’s hard to get out after it has gotten in. Maximum damage hits deal double damage and leaves the dagger in there.
7 A full stack of 24 throwing stars, on a stick, in a tube. A spring keeps them ready to grab no matter how many are left.
8 A double-barreled pistol, and small pouch of four shots.
9 A weird throwy thingy. It has spikes in at least six directions. Deals (1d4-1)x3 damage.
10 Brass full-coverage knuckledusters (1d4). So comfortable you can have them on all the time.
11 A collapsible spear, with seven foot-long segments. It has an unfortunate tendency to collapse one segment per solid hit though, losing you reach as the fight goes on.
12 A very sharp, if brittle, saber. Deals 1d8+1 damage, breaks on any damage rolls of 7 or 8. There’s a backup blade in the sheath.


Backup Weapons

Assume these do d4 damage unless stated otherwise.

Roll Item
1 A silk ribbon that hardens to a knife when the ends aren’t tied together.
2 A bone knife sewn into your left lower arm, just beneath the skin. The scar is barely visible.
3 An elven gun loaded with an elf’s middle finger. He’s still after you (and his finger).
4 A set of five iron hair pins. Their sharpened points are surprisingly deadly.
5 Piano wire for strangling braided into your hair. Hard to get there, but easy to remove.
6 A disposable paper knife – it melts a few minutes after contacting blood.
7 Implanted snake fangs as canines. You secrete one dose of poison per day.
8 A false eyeball containing a bomb. It fits well in your socket and is rather lifelike.
9 A bottle containing a thick black drink. Hidden in the murk is a knife (1d6) that should have been impossible to get into the bottle in the first place.
10 A set of four miniature daggers inside the soles of your shoes.
11 A knife (1d2) inside a knife (1d4) inside a knife (1d6). A larger knife can be removed and thrown leaving the next in hand.
12 A broken bottle of infinite brandy. As a weapon it works pretty much as a broken bottle, but if you’re patient you can slowly drip brandy everywhere and light it on fire or something.

Elven guns are loaded with bullets usually made from wizard (or elf) fingerbones. They do 4d6 damage (2d6 on a miss) in a streak of light and a shower of eldritch sparks.

Bomb – pick one: smoke (obscures location for a few minutes), flash (blinds everyone that fails a save temporarily), fire (1d6 damage, sets things on fire).


Aces in the Sleeves

Roll Item
1 A single gold coin stamped with a skull. It buys the taking of a life, once.
2 Someone’s throat. If you speak through it, you use their voice. Also usable as an impromptu musical instrument.
3 An inaudible whistle… well, most animals can hear it a little too well and it drives them crazy.
4 A very well-trained rat. It can even write, crudely, though the spelling is terrible.
5 A genie in a bottle, no wishes remaining. It’s likely quite angry by this point, having been stuck there long past the deal’s due date. Beware an explosive temper.
6 A lavish signet ring. The insignia changes every midnight. You’re unsure if it copies real noble families or not, but most of the symbols are rather unnerving.
7 A false tooth containing one dose of health potion (or poison), available with a twist of the tongue.
8 A live viper in your belly. It’s tame, but you need double rations to feed the both of you.
9 That’s not your real face. It’s just a mask you received from someone. Who? No one in particular. Definitely nothing suspicious.
10 A tattered yellow parrot trained to listen to conversations and repeat them to you.
11 A literal ace in your sleeve. It’s improbably good for opening doors and windows locked with simple clasps. Can also be used to cheat at cards or, in a pinch, as a thrown weapon.
12 A wizard’s guts. It’s essentially a 9-meter trainable rope.



Roll Item
1 Invertible clothes – two sets in one. Turn them inside out for a new look.
2 Monk robes. They are two sizes too big and flowing and provide a lot of hiding space for tools and/or a small person.
3 Commoner’s clothes. They are so common, no one would dare question you being a commoner that’s just going about their business.
4 Oiled leathers. Helps you slip into (and out of) tight spaces.
5 Dull green silk robes. You are practically invisible at night.
6 Fancy noble clothes, the blood from your “acquisition” of them nearly invisible against the velvet red.
7 Snakeskin armor. It’s tight fitting and makes nearly no sound at all.
8 A person suit, obscuring your true body shape. Normal clothes outside. Looks real at first glance, but probably isn’t a real body (?).
9 Weird mish-mash of cloth. Tends to blend perfectly into tapestries and carpets if you stay still.
10 Multilayered fabric covered with hypnotic patterns which swirl and dance when you move.
11 Unnecessarily revealing clothes. Maybe you’re a dashing rogue instead of just a rogue. Tends to make prude people uncomfortable.
12 Incredibly flashy clothes. Red and yellow, feathers, a billowing cape. You get ALL the attention.


I’m tempted to do one for fighters and wizards as well.


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