So, it’s a little hard writing here when our ISP decided all on their own that we had canceled our internet. But with the use of phone data, here I am.


  • Bob Idiot (formerly Ulf-Ka (?)) – curios mercenary.
  • Uncle Ben – biggest, oldest, warrior.
  • Ori – Ben’s cousin.
  • Kurush – chaos mage gambling noble reject.
  • Boris – Kurush’s drinking buddy.
    • Scarlet – Boris’ boar
  • Lucifer – pyromancer-noble from across the sea.


Deciding that they hadn’t had enough of Crystal Mountain, they returned. Ben wanted the lost armor, and Bob Idiot wanted to find the fox from last time. So they went, and slept in the ruined, cursed, village. This time they removed the cruficied people from their crosses.

They went inside. While Ben and Ori went for the unexplored place were the super-armor was supposed to be, the rest went towards the place where they had found and freed the fox. The fox was there. “Red-tails!” Bob shouted. “Mhm” it said, and gave the sword it was holding in its mouth to Bob. “We meet again. This is a good sword.” said the fox. Bob took the sword. A far too brief exchange followed where the fox explained it had to go. Woosh. It dissapeared.

Ben and Ori meanwhile, found a bunch of corpses… and then the ghost. “Don’t take my armor [that’s hidden here]!” it screamed, threatening them. The others started moving back to them. Then Ben attacked the ghost. They fought for a bit, until Lucifer puked fire on it twice and Kurush blasted it with eldritch magic, whence it was stunned thrice until it actually moved into the wall. Ehm… did it have any HP left? (It did.) They spent 30 minutes on Ben breaking his crowbar against a wall until the wall broke as well. Then they crept through, finding a skull-helmed, black, fluted armor. They squeezed into the tiny room, and Lucifer grabbed the armor helm. Then the ghost appeared over the armor. “DON’T TOUCH MY ARMOR!!!” Lucifer immediately blasted in with a massive fire blast… in the tiny confined room. No oxygen left. People stunned. Collateral damage. But the ghost is gone… right? No, it just possessed the armor. Whoops. It kicked Bob Idiot so hard he flew. They scrapped and then ran away.

Lacking resources, they went home and got them, and then went back. Lucifer stayed home this time, to build his little investment up.

Six days later when they returned, the armor-ghost was gone, and the armor itself as well. So they decided to explore the depths, but first went to the black well. It seems to be strong poison that improves attributes if you can endure it. They kept some of the water.

Going down the spiral staircase, they returned to a four-door room. The first contained a sixtuply trapped chest, including the emmitance of exploding gas that nearly broke a couple of people. It was fine, they got a big emerald! The other rooms contained (in order): a vertical shaft (only), a big painting, and a long tunnel. The shaft was ignored, the painting (carefully) stolen, and the tunnel entered.

At even intervals in the roof there were chimney-like structures, which they found out contained a corpse and a spear each. Finding little of value, they left five of the ten unopened and procceeded. When they opened the next door, those five chimneys dropped their contents… but more alive. The one-man-wide line was charged from behind by a skeleton-train armed with pikes. Scarlet (being last) was immediateyl skewered. Boris shot once with his bow and was then chased down the corridor. The front of the party was already through the door, moving accross a spooky pathway over sharpened spikes.

Bob Idiot accidentally blew up half his face trying to set the other door, which was locked, on fire. Kurush started breaking it open while Boris ran from the skeletrain. They fled through another corridor as Boris and Ori got hounded and found themselves on a small platform over a big room. Above them lay a bridge matching the platform, apparently being raised/lowerd machinery of some kind. Kurush climbed up on it. Followed by the fleeing Boris who pressed past Ori. Ben stepped in to let Ori escape, after tossing the unconious Bob Idiot up. Ben parried some blows, turned and ran, only to be stabbed in the (plated) back a few times. Kurush tried to Errect Wall to shut the skeletons off, but only eventually succeeded.

A weird fight over the wobbly hanging bridge 8 meters over a stone floor procceeded, where Idiot Bob Idiot woke up and was knocked out… a few times. They finally got Bob up somehow, all the while being poked by climbing skeletons. Finally they got Kurush and Boris over to the other side (each at near 0 HP). Ori joined them. Ben parried, and then grabbed the again unconcious Bob Idiot Bob, tossing him down to the others on the bridge. Unfortunately, this stunned both Kurush and Boris. A hundred-something kilos of plated man tends to do that falling from that height. Kurush fell down onto the floor below, breaking a leg. Both fell unconcious from the damage.

End of session status:

  • Ben at the bridge (0 HP, 4 injury) facing two skeletons.
  • Ori at the new tunnel (10 HP), with Bob Idiot (KO) and Boris (KO).
  • Kurush at the floor below (KO) with a broken leg.

Maybe Lucifer’s player was right in chanting TPK?



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