After a far too long pause, we had another session.


  • Lucifer Vesper, exile noble from across the sea, and pyromancer.
  • Kurush, gambling nobleman that uses forbidden magics.
  • Boris, Kurush’s drinking buddy.
  • Uncle Ben, the longest living party member, a great warrior.
  • Ori, Ben’s cousin that just seems so useful.
  • Ulf-Ka, or “Bob Idiot”, a mercenary.


We began in the wake of the losing battle from last time. The army had been routed, and began retreating back to the city. They felt safe, as no signs had been spotted of the enemy outside their encampement. Only, the wagon train was ambushed when moving back towards the next village, and the party bravely ran away. In the end, perhaps 200 of the 600 battle survivors (them of the 2000-strong army) escaped the escapade. Nicely warred.

Well in town, they rested up a few weeks, while the remainder of the army straggled in. As Ben recieved word that half the remaining assignment of his had been completed by others, he felt it was time to finish it up. Therefore they went for Crystal Mountain. Lucifer, wise for the dangers that the mountain contained and with business in town, elected to remain behind.

Two days west, they found the entrance to the damned caves without much trouble. They entered quickly, built the planned bridge over the monkey pit, and entered the jungle chamber, only to realize… that was the wrong sarcophagus. Woops. They doubled back, explored a few rooms, and then found a fox chained to a shrine. It asked to be released, and without much thought, Ulf-Ka did just that. It said “I shall return”, and ran away.

They proceeded through the next room, a battlefield of infintely charging warriors. Over hills of corpses the mad people crashed into each other like waves, again and again. Through some illusion, and quite a bit of luck, they managed to go all the way through. On the other side lay a temple, with eight stone sarcophogi, and an altar. They found the correct one rather quickly, but Ulf-Ka, jumped up and down on an Imposing Arcane Seal, falling into it and dissapearing… twice.

The first round, he floated down a river, fell down a waterfall, ran past a weird frog-monster-creature, and passed through a portal back. Upon returning, he did it again, for some reason. This time he walked against the river current, swam up a shaft, and found a lonely candle. And then he found the candle-making room. Dissapointed in no one coming there, he eventually left the same way again, with one and a half candle.

In the meantime, the others had carried the sarcophagus up some stairs, and then gone looking for their missing comrade. They went down some long stairs, found a gate guarded by two stone warriors, who claimed it was the tomb of Imotehp. The party said NOPE and went back. Eventually they just left.

They ran through the battle, only getting somewhat stomped on. But as they made towards the exit, the shard-wind apperad. Ben remember old comrades, torn to shreds by the very same wind. They hid out at the side of the room and avoided it easily. Ulf-Ka took cover inside an empty sarcophagus to do the same. Eventually they all got towards the exit, only to be blocked by a ghost.

“YOU’LL NEVER GET MY ARMOR!” it screamed. It was very unreasonable, and blindly pointed out exactly where the indestructible super-armor was buried. Ulf-Ka fended it off while the others made a run for it. They eventually escaped with it, and made it back safely.

During all this, Lucifer had met with his old babysitter/bodyguard/servant that explained the situation (which he had forgotten by eating dragon fire). His family was building a refinery in the city, to gather minerals from the lake for selling. He began planning the build, and payed a number of workers to begin. He’ll soon get very rich (probably), but he’ll also have to cope with his incompetent brother and overbearing father (definitely). Oh, how will it go?



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